Become a Templar

There are two requirements to becoming a member of OMTO. these requirements are a belief in deity, i.e. God, Christ, the All Father, etc. It doesn’t matter what one calls their idea of a higher power as long as the prospect has a genuine belief in a higher power. The next requirement is that one is willing to put aside religious biases to open oneself up to learning about Aryanity and the “Arcana” of the Occidental Templar. This Arcana in not a religion per se, but a way of looking at religion (Both Christian and Pagan) through the lens of reason and esoteric knowlege. We teach many esoteric truths in our order the secrets of which are not readily available to the average man. It is our mission to use these ancient esoteric truths to unify the religious factions within the broader White Nationalist movement so as to become a single unified front toward combating our gradual descent toward genocide and extinction.

All of our knights are thoroughly vetted before they are dubbed. Once the prospect contacts OMTO and applies for membership he will become a “Page” in our order and he will be asked to provide certain information of a personal nature through our encrypted network so that his vetting can be done by the local officer in charge of OpSec. This information will include the prospects mailing address, and other contact information as well as information regarding criminal background, personal history, family, career, and other skills, etc. If the prospect feels uncomfortable sharing this information, an in person meeting with his closest local chapter representative may be arranged. All information is collected with the utmost care in keeping our membership secure and private.

Once the vetting process is complete the prospect will be expected to swear an oath to keep in confidence any and all information regarding our Arcana. Once the Oath of the Occidental Templar is taken the prospect becomes an “Esquire” where he enters the training and teaching phase of his apprenticeship as a knight. He will also be expected to begin payment of any dues and fees that may or may not be required of members. Each of these phases can last anywhere from one to six months depending on a multitude of factors. Yet once the Esquire’s training is complete and he is vouched for by a fellow brother in the order he becomes dubbed in the knighting ceremony of the Occidental Templar.

Once dubbed, the new Knight will be evaluated and given an office title based on the needs of his chapter and given certain duties and responsibilities to perform that correspond with that office. It must also be understood that with the dubbing ceremony comes certain vows that must be adhered to; breaking any of these vows requires that the knight be accountable to his brothers and the incident reviewed for a possible intervention. We do not tolerate any illegal drug abuse, sexual degeneracy, family neglect, disrespect, laziness, gluttony, deceit, cowardice, etc. We expect every knight to be an example for common men to strive for.

To apply for membership please make your request by encrypted email, encrypted message, or in person with your local chapter representative. Contact information is available under our “Contact the Grand Marshal” page. Please provide your name (or pseudonym if you choose to remain anonymous) and your general location so we can direct you through the proper channels.