On Religion

The subject of religion is a complex subject within the dissident White community, and can be a point of division. Within the ranks of the Occidental Templars this cause for division is something that we wish to avoid. White unity is our main concern, and though we are not a secular organization, we will not get caught in the trap of squabbling over dogma. OMTO is a esoteric order of mystics, a mystical Aryan priesthood, our official stance on religion is the Doctrine of Aryanity, a perennial Aryan philosophy that we feel has the power to unite the many infighting religious factions within the pro-White movement. We do not require new members to adopt Aryanity as their religion, but it is the official ideology promoted by OMTO as the unified standard created to bring about true unity amongst racially aware White Aryans. The only requirements for membership are that one identifies as a non-Jewish White Aryan man, believes in a higher power, exhibits a sincere desire to better themselves for their people’s sake, is willing to learn and develop mystical knowledge, and adheres to the traditional moral structure of Western Civilization, a moral structure recognized historically amongst Pagan and Christian alike with minor variations. Virtues such as Honor, Temperance, Humility, Respect, Duty, Wisdom, Fortitude, and Honesty are what we expect of all members regardless of religious nuance, and we will not tolerate any religious infighting amongst members. 

[For more information on Aryanity, visit: Aryanity.com]

Although we as Occidental Templars promote Aryanity as our ideology, already being a practicing Aryan is not required for membership, though we do limit membership to White men who come from an “Aryan” religious background only. Within this category is a wide array of generally accepted religio-philosophical beliefs systems from mainstream forms of Christianity such as Protestantism or Catholicism, to less commonly understood forms of Christianity like Christian Identity, Orthodox, and Gnosticism. Outside of the Christian paradigm exists various forms of European Paganism though we do not have such a limited understanding to think that White Aryan history is confined to the European continent, thus we accept students of the Vedic traditions as well. Furthermore, western mystery traditions such as Hermeticism and Alchemy, as well as more modern esoteric systems such as Theosophy and Ariosophy have an important role in the modern rebirth of White Aryan identity. Where we draw a sharp line is in any overt forms of Satanism, Witchcraft, Cabalism, Sufiism, or any other form of Judaism and Islam, as we feel these ideologies run counter to our culture and goals, yet we encourage all our members to educate themselves on comparative religion as well as speculative and demonstrative philosophies so as to better understand the world we live in, as well as to develop an understanding into the mentality of our enemies.

Here within the ranks of the Occidental Templars we feel that one’s relationship with deity is uniquely their own, yet our organization is not purely political. We realize that politics and religion are part and parcel, hence we support and encourage our member’s right to seek out and explore the traditional religious and spiritual expressions of our people. We feel that one thing that sets us as White Aryans apart from the other human civilization is our history of “divinity based” religious systems (monotheism, polytheism, pantheism, etc.), as opposed to the primitive animistic religions. The belief in a supreme being reinforces our personal adherence to the strict moral codes codified within these traditional systems. We believe that Western Civilization’s success historically was dependent on our individual accountability to deity in adhering to a culturally consistent code of conduct that has been expressed in the many religions of our people throughout our history.

We do not support Atheism, Nihilism, Humanism, or Materialism, as these system of thought gives way to hedonism, liberalism, anarchy, degeneracy, and decadence.  Atheists do not feel that they are accountable to a higher power for their actions and have a tendency to justify obsessions with their baser, animalistic instincts, which we feel is destructive to a strong and healthy society. We believe that what sets Western civilization apart from the more savage primitive races is our ability to subdue our baser instincts in favor of reason and a higher code of conduct. Hence our sole religious requirement that our members express belief in a higher power, or a divine source of creation, weather you choose to call this entity “God”, “Christ”, “Odin”,” Monad”, “Amen”, “Brahman”, etc. We believe that it is an essential part of a strong character to have a belief in a higher power, which guides one’s decision making by reinforcing a strict moral code of conduct, and is something we feel is universal in all Aryan religions.

Yet despite our more open religious policy, one subject that we must make special mention of is the subject of Zionism, Israel, and the Jewish people in modern “Judeo-Christianity”. As Occidental Templars we feel that modern mainstream Christians have been misled through a false interpretation of doctrine, which breaks from nearly two millennia of traditional Christianity, due to widespread Jewish propaganda campaigns designed to manipulate Gentiles (White Christians) into holding a favorable view of occupied Palestine by the criminal state of Israel. This widespread propaganda campaign has led Gentiles ironically to hold a favorable view of Jews in general when Jews themselves for the most part are virulent “Loxists” (anti-Gentile). We see it as a state of unacceptable ignorance that Gentiles live life unaware of the virulent hatred toward them that the Jewish religion teaches its adherents, as well as the utter hypocrisy that Gentiles accept the Jews as “God’s chosen people” when they in fact killed Christ, and blaspheme his name in their most holy books, the Babylonian Talmud.

We see a disturbing trend within Christendom that has allowed for Jewish influence to corrupt traditional Christianity, which we believe to be an explicitly White and intrinsically anti-Semitic religion. Zionists and some Pagans argue that Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism, and is hence a Semitic religion. This is something we adamantly disagree with for many reasons such as the fact that the most holy books of the modern Jews, the Talmud, were written centuries after the time of Christ and blasphemes his name, as well as the fact that the New Testament was originally written in Greek and references Greek mythos, as well as the Christ archetype being present in many ancient Pagan religions. There have been volumes upon volumes written on this subject, which has disproven the notion that Christianity is a Semitic religion, and we feel that it is a cherished part of White history and culture. Yet propaganda campaigns in the 19th and 20th century misled Christians into adopting a hybrid Zionist-Christian religion, to promoted the interests of Zionist Jews. The Jews in fact have a long history of using subterfuge and propaganda to victimize Gentiles, who come from a culture that is intrinsically honest and altruistic. Evil cultures that thrive off of deceit like that of the Jews have taken great advantage of Western civilization’s almost pathological altruism to our detriment many times, but history teaches us that there is a limit to our patience and kindness.

We must always rebuke Zionism, and the Jewish culture in general. The Jewish race has committed the greatest crimes and frauds of any race in history, and without remorse, while simultaneously projecting their own cultural defects on other races. They are the true supremacists, the real bigots, a rootless international criminal syndicate bent on world domination. They have orchestrated genocides, defrauded nations, occupied governments, seized infrastructure, and made entire races into debt slaves through schemes of usury and corrosive socio-political movements such as Marxism and Zionism. Whenever their crimes have been discovered and they have been given due Justice, they promote the false narrative of their eternal victimhood status, which has allowed them to exist above reproach, rendering factually correct criticism for their crimes largely ineffectual.  They are the arch enemy of all humankind, but particularly Western civilization; hence we explicitly rebuke all Zionists both Christians and Jews.

As Occidental Templars we take it upon ourselves to make special mention of Christian Zionism in our religious statement because we feel that Jewish elites who have disproportionately occupied powerful positions in government, media, and finance, etc. , would not have any power at all if it were not for their obedient “Judeo-Christians”  who put Jews on a pedestal. These “Christians” do their bidding in politics and in waging wars that do nothing to promote their own interests. Yet there has recently been an awakening within the Christian world concerning the subjects of Zionism and Jews. This movement on traditional Christians is small in comparison to the mainstream Zionist movement in the churches, but it continues to grow as more and more Christians become aware of how the churches have been infiltrated and misled by Zionist pastors and Jewish propagandists. Hence, we seek to accept Christians who have renounced any allegiance to Israel and the Jews. We feel it necessary as Occidental Templars to foster friendships and alliances between the separate factions of White identitarians regardless of religious beliefs. Yet one reason stands out above all other reasons for this undeniable need.

Our race is dying!

The demographic shift in human populations during the later part of the 20th century has caused a situation where our race faces literal extinction. We believe we are in the midst of a carefully contrived and purposeful genocide designed by our ancient enemies whose decedents have come to occupy our institutions. They have been working toward reducing our populations and creating an environment in our lands where we will soon be hopelessly outnumbered by hostile races who have been indoctrinated from birth by media and their own culture to have an extreme hatred for Whites. All of our naïve efforts to promote the “civil rights” of minorities in our nations who once faced “discrimination” will not protect us when we become minorities in our own nations. This White minority status is rapidly approaching due to our drastically low birthrates coupled with the ever-increasing non-White “immigration”. At the turn of the 20th century Whites were estimated as being 30% of the global population. Now because of this assault on our immigration policies and a concerted effort by occupational governments through social programs designed to reduced White birthrate our global population percentage has reached less than 9%.

Whites are the world minority!

Likewise, in every traditionally White nation and only traditionally White nations we are suffering the indignity of becoming minorities in the nations our forefathers built. By 2045, every traditionally White nation will be minority White, except for very small nations such as Iceland, which is one of the last homogenous White nations in the world. This has not happened by accident. In Europe, Arab Muslims flood our Fatherlands as “refugees” from Jewish wars in the middle east.  As they flood our ancestral lands they are preparing to subjugate and annihilate the indigenous Europeans to make Europe a Muslim Califate. In North America non-White “immigrations” by Mestizos from Mexico motivated by the “La Raza” ideology of “Reconquista” is radically transforming the United States. In Canada, Chinese “immigrations”, Many of which have been exposed as Chinese spies, have created a foothold for Communist China within North America. Furthermore, the American Black population has taken to the streets with regular race riots, mob violence, anti-White lynchings, and have even formed entire armies of armed black militiamen demanding reparations, and land. In Australia, the invasion is coming from Asia and Africa with the same false narrative of “immigration reform” and “refugee programs”. One must look no further than historical events in former White colonies like Haiti, Rhodesia, and South Africa to see what happens to Whites when they allow themselves become outnumbered by hostile races.

Whites get exterminated!

Even now in our so-called “modern” era, Whites in south Africa are being violently genocide by the Blacks that they allowed to come into their country. Once South Africa was only sparsely populated by a handful of primitive African tribes acclimated to the colder climate. It was perfect land for a White colony; as it grew and became wealthy, sub-Saharan Africans from the north took notice of this wealth and began to migrate with the promise of work in South African industries. Eventually the blacks came to outnumber the Whites, though a strict system of apartheid existed to keep the blacks from overtaking the White population in the country their forefathers built. A series of bloody revolutionary activity by Marxist Black radicals came to eliminate this apartheid system of segregation, which rapidly resulted in the White population losing control over their nation. Now South African Whites are regular victims of pogroms and massacres. Countless White South African farmers have been massacred at the hands of violent Blacks seeking to seize their lands. These massacres often take the form of grizzly mutilations, torture, and rape of the victims who range in age from babies and children to parents and the elderly. We now see a similar series of events that led to genocide in White colonies like Haiti, Rhodesia, and South Africa happening in North America, and Australia. We can no longer afford to fight amongst ourselves.

No more brother wars!

If religious ideologies or ethnic feuds are what is keeping us from unifying as a race for the purpose of our very survival then we must modify our perception of religion and culture. As a race we are witnessing our own genocide taking place. Our enemies don’t care if we are Pagan, Christian, or even is one has betrayed his race to join the enemy. All they care about is that we are White, they hate us regardless of our beliefs, simply because we are White. Non-Whites have been indoctrinated to believe that Whiteness in and of itself is something to be hated. The propaganda is so widespread that even other Whites have been relentlessly shamed into accepting their own vilification. If we allow things to continue as is with our population decline, being overtaken by non-Whites in our own lands, and the anti-White rhetoric that has become mainstream in Western society, by the end of the 21st century there won’t be any Whites left to argue over religion.

The only way to defend ourselves from these assaults is to unify what little population we have left who are racially conscious. The natural choice is to unify White identitarians from every religious background except those obsessed with unacceptable religions such as overt satanism and other forms of Jewish occultism. White solidarity is the most important aspect of our work as Occidental Templars, we seek to end the infighting amongst the separate factions of the pro-White movement, and to make White men realize how truly shameful it is to fight with your brothers over religious ideology at the expense of our very survival as a race! We believe if a White man cannot look back into history and fully appreciate the greatness of his ancestral heritage, both Pagan and Christian, then this man’s perception is corrupted and they are specifically working against White interests rather than advocating for them. Let us join forces to wage war against our mutual enemies who wish to exterminate our great people from this earth.

War comes in many forms with many tactics, we must broaden our definition of war to fight the coming battle. Truly, Whites have been at war for centuries with the forces of darkness, we have repelled countless invasions from non-whites, from the Mongol hordes to the Arab califates. When one joins this movement, they join a war that has been raging unabated for centuries unbeknownst to the average person. The world wars of the 20th century were simply the largest battles of this war of the ages, and just because those battles were lost doesn’t mean the war is finished. The last world war never truly ended, it simply became a shadow war, which has now morphed into a fourth-generation conflict between multiple sides. Yet the final battle is approaching, we must be ready, we must be organized, and we must have solidarity of purpose.

We must unify the factions!