Reject Civnatery Embrace Pan-Aryanism and Aryanity ORION!

As Occidental Templars we reject ALL forms of civic nationalism, this includes nationalism of individual European nations that wish to cling to an obsolete national identity. As post colonial White Aryans, we have come to a complete understanding of who we actually are. Our Race Is Our Nation! A nation is not a place it is a people, and White Aryans are ONE PEOPLE. Language barriers and regional nuance is meaningless in comparison to the radical differences between Whites and non-Whites. OMTO officially prohibits our members from pledging allegiance to any national government and their flags. These flags have come only to represent brother wars and corrupt occupational governments. Rather we pledge allegiance to the flag of the Pan Aryan Nation (PAN), “Pan” being a Greek prefix meaning “involving all members”. In this way we proclaim our true identities as members of One People and One Nation. We need no “legal” recognition as a political entity, for we don’t recognize the legitimacy of any law except the Law of, the Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent Godhead whom perpetuates our racial spirit and blood. This One True God who we call Omnis due to our fully embracing the Doctrine of Aryanity, has allowed our existence in this world as the Army of Light prophesied to defeat the King of the World we know to be the Demiurge and his minions of darkness. As White Aryans we are the standard bearers of human evolution, hence we need a standard symbolic off all White Aryans. For this purpose we have created two standards, one for peacetime and one for war.

The Pan Aryan Battle Flag and Peace Flag, specifically designed so it can never be turned upside down. the black field on the Battle Flag is symbolic of the dark races who surround us and threaten our existence, the white field is symbolic of our “Whiteness” and purity, forever separate from the darkness, the red swastika is symbolic of our sacred blood, the Sanctorum Sanguinem, and lastly the Greek word ORION in ambigram form, an acronym for the phrase “Our Race Is Our Nation”. ORION is our mantra. Fly our nation’s flags proudly!

Throughout our glorious history as a race we have gone through distinct phases of development, though we didn’t rediscover who we truly were until the colonial period. This is the era when the term “White” came into common use as an ethnological term in contrast to “Black” or simply “non-White”. It was during this era that we discovered our true identity as One Race. Old rivalries became obsolete as we discovered the truth of this world, and that it was populated by races that were very different from us, and with conflicting interests. In diaspora the Nordic, Celtic, Saxon, Slavic, and Latin colonists realized that they were all their racial kin thus forging a complete and final identity as the “White Race”. We reject the false Marxist notion that racial differences between Whites and non-Whites are superficial and only skin deep, and likewise reject the notion that one White sub-race is more White than another. We proclaim that our race has a right to exist independently, to rule ourselves autonomously, and that our racial identity shall be preserved at all costs. we reject racial integration, racial miscegenation, and Jewish globalism. We are those who realize that we are and have been locked in an ancient evolutionary struggle for survival against enemy races who work to undermine our ancient civilization. For those of our folk who also realize this truth, it is time to take your pledge of allegiance and reject any blind allegiance you once may have had to occupied nations that no longer have your interests in mind.

Aryan Pledge:

I pledge allegiance to the Holy Flag of the White Aryan race. with this pledge I vow to be uncompromising in my dedication to my race’s survival and the defeat of our enemies. I vow also to never give my allegiance to anything that conflicts with my races interests of racial autonomy and independence from foreign rule. May the White Aryan people fulfill our destiny as the Apex Race. Hail Victory!