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October 1st 2020

Welcome to the new telegram channel of OMTO (Ordo Milites Templi Occidentis/Order of the Western Knights Templar) “Occidental Templars”. This channel is dedicated to the subjects of Esoteric Nationalism, Ariosophy, Aryanism, Gnosticism, and the Templar Mysteries. It is one of our primary stated goals to work toward the unification of factions within the broader White Nationalist movement, through education of our people’s glorious history during both the Pagan and Christian periods. We want all White/Aryan people to learn to appreciate the greatness of their ancestor’s accomplishments, regardless of whether they were Pagan or Christian. Likewise we wish to educate our folk regarding the archetypal parallels of the many Aryan religions. Our motto is “bound by blood, not by creed” as we believe the Aryan blood is sacred blood, and “no more brother wars” which we believe applies also to the frequently infighting factions of the White Nationalist movement. To view our website go to:

October 1st 2020

The official flag of OMTO paying homage to Lanz von Liebenfels of ONT (Ordo Novis Templi). The red Swastika, Hakenkreuz (hooked cross), or Fylfot is symbolic of the Sacred Blood of the Aryan people and that of the sacrificial archetype, the “Sanguinem Sanctorum”. It’s four hooks of the swastika represent time and space, the four seasons, the four cardinal directions, and the four arms of the galaxy. The black and white field is derived from the “Baucent”, which was the original Templar war flag, black being above white in times of strife, and white above black during peacetime. The black and white is symbolic of the Templar ferocity toward enemies and our kindness toward our friends. The golden fleur-de-lis is also an ancient symbol of heraldry used by the old French monarchy and adopted by the Templars, but its origins goes back to the Scythian/Cimmerian kings, recorded by Herodotus as the lost Israelite tribes, some of whom wondered into Europe becoming the old Germanic/Celtic tribes.

October 1st 2020

Aryanism and Esoteric Nationalism is a fledgling religion. We have our own prophets and martyrs as well as our own complex esoteric doctrines. We are also under persecution, our religion was forged in the crucible of world wars, and our adherents are routinely slandered, harassed, threatened, arrested, and even assassinated. But in spite of this persecution and millions of lives extinguished in an attempt to destroy us, we continue to thrive in a growing underground movement that has spread since the cataclysm of World War II. Like other persecuted religions we will spread our ideas to those who desire a fresh perspective and answers to the problems of the day. We have those answers, we know the truths they wish to hide, they have failed to persecute us into oblivion, and they can’t hide the truth forever.

October 2nd 2020

Martyrs are made everyday in the Aryan underground. Celebrate Saint Ursula of Hesse.

Frau Ursula Haverbeck, JVA Bielefeld-Brackwede, Umlostrasse 100, D-33649, Germany.

October 2nd 2020

Translation: dem neuen zeitalter entgegen, sieg und heil Großdeutschland im kampf fur die welt, heil das neue Reich Thule. English: Towards the new age, win and heal Greater Germany in the fight for the world, heal the new empire Thule

October 4th 2020

Our blood is sacred, we come from the TRUE chosen people. We were chosen to bring this world out of darkness. Our people ARE the light, but we keep losing our battles against the darkness. Is the darkness more powerful than the light? We have lost battles but not the war. This world is the world of darkness, the gross and the material world. Separate the sublime from the gross and realize that our race is not from this world. We are in it but not of it. The Sanguinem Sanctorum. The army of light against the army of darkness whose hordes of darklings invade our traditional lands. Our people have always been great, regardless of creed. Learn to appreciate the greatness of ALL of your ancestors, and unify as ONE BLOOD before it’s too late.

October 5th 2020

I want to show our subscribers how to deal with infighting. At this point in history it is a shameful act and anyone or group who engages in it should be shamed for the divisive force they are in the movement. People in our movement who engage in infighting are more of an enemy to us than a Jew. CI, Pagang, and OrthoBros are the worst offenders. When our race is on the brink of extinction and you want to divide what racially aware people exist you are an ENEMY of our people!

At this juncture of history we need to unify as a single front or we won’t make it as a race to the next century. Keep that in mind when you feel the need to lambast a racially aware white person who doesn’t happen to share the same religious beliefs as you. 

We all agree on the fundamentals of white nationalism. We all agree on the Jewish question (even the pagans), we all agree on history revisionism and the holohoax, and we all agree on white geNOcide. Everything else we can sort out after we know our grandchildren won’t die in pogroms. 

Our race needs to become our religion!

14 sacred words!

October 5th 2020

The LION loses no sleep over the opinions of SHEEP.

October 6th 2020

Today I will relate some knowledge concerning the influence of Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah and Gematria) on the various rites of freemasonry. It was the infiltration of Jews and Crypto-Jews throughout the centuries into the lodges of freemasonry that corrupted the original purpose and spirit of the Freemasonic lodges as the metamorphosis of Gnostic/Hermetic Templar Mysticism. Just as the ORIGINAL Christian Church was infiltrated by Jewish apostates in the very beginning and became a facsimile of the authentic church, a similar pattern effected the Masonic lodges. The influence of the Illuminati, the Frankists, and various other Jews and Crypto Jews transformed Freemasonry into a dark force on this world when once it was benevolent in nature. Cagliostro, who formed the Egyptian Rite of freemasonry, which focused heavily of Hermetic wisdom was the greatest pioneer of Freemasony. But his Hermetic system was quickly subverted 

Thee Sephardic Jewish Bédarride brothers formed the Rite of Misraim, thereby polluting the Hermetic rites with Cabalistic Magick and crypto-Jewry. They injected the disgusting ideas of the Sabbatean-Frankists into freemasonry, which eventually seeped into the framework of regular Masonry, and inevitably resulted in the movements of Zionism and B’nai B’rith. 

The Jews worship the Demiurge, but they are not ignorant of the fact that the Demiurge was a mistake of one of the lower eminations of The True Transcendental Godhead, the Nameless One. The Jews call this the “Ein Sof” which they are fundimentally separated from due to their status as demoniacs. They are enemies of the Logos found in the souls of Aryans, and they are also jealous of this goodness and godliness inside of us. They sold their bloodlines in perpetuity to the King of the World, to become minions of the Demiurge (Moloch/Ba’al) on this earth. And hence they enjoy the arcane secrets of the various eminations of the Demiurgic power in this world. The Jews have been barred from transcending to the eternal realm and are damned to exist as slaves to the King of the World for eternity. 

As Occidental Templars we seek to cleanse Western Occultism of Jewish pollutants, by educating our people as to what the Kabbalah really is. It is the foundations of demonology with a veneer of mysticism to cover it. The emanations of “God” that they claim to invoke in Cabalistic Magick rites are actually the various Archons of the Demiurge id est, demonic energies. Anyone who participates in the Kabbalah and Solomonic Magick are generally playing with forces that they cannot control, and only end up having those very forces controlling them. 

As Occidental Templars, we reject Ceremonial Magick as it exists today, and embrace true Templar mysticism and it’s secrets as it was originally intended to be taught. A system of self-mastery beyond this world of illusions so that we can escape the confines of the flesh prison, and lead others out of perdition. Hence we do not accept anyone who dabbles in the Kabbalah or any other form of Saturnine occultism. Though we encourage our members to learn the truth about this practice.

October 7th 2020

October 8th 2020

As Occidental Templars we encourage our members to pursue a more profound education concerning occult metaphysics, particularly the esoteric traditions that developed in the crucible of the 20th century. Esoteric Hitlerism and the broader metaphysical system of Ariosophy is a fledgling religion that is paradoxically rooted both in the past and the future. It recognizes and honors the traditions and accomplishments of our great ancestors and strives toward a future that our ancestors would be proud of. Ariosophy is the ultimate expression of the quest of the Aryan soul to achieve spiritual and biological perfection in as much as we can within this corrupted world of the demiurge. As Aryans it is our innate unconscious drive to both live in harmony with and master the laws of nature. We continually refine our knowledge through our experiences and pass this knowledge on to our heirs. Our knowledge is our greatest treasure and we must never allow our enemies to cut our people off from their history. 14/88

October 10th 2020

October 11th 2020

I’ve come to a realization. The ideology I discuss in Aryanity is something completely unique when it comes to religio-political philosophy and should have a category of its own. Although Aryanity draws wisdom from Esoteric Fascism it is not “Pagan”. Likewise, it places the Christ/Lucifer archetype as the Ultimate Avatar, but it is not “Christian”. Aryanity is the love child of Aryanism and Gnosticism, yet it is neither. It is a true and seamless union between Christianity and Paganism and reveals the TRUTH that Christianity is intrinsically an Aryan Pagan religion and that all “Pagan” religions share archetypes found in Christian mythos and vice versa. What we call “Paganism” is also completely Aryan from the Eastern Mysteries to the Western Mysteries and from the Vedas to the Eddas. These separate religions are really ONE RELIGION with a shared Archetypal mythos, the “Prisca Theologia.” The ideology discussed in Aryanity has the power to truly unify the Pagan and Christian factions within the broader white identitarian movement. And while unifying the two categories and multiple factions of these categories, it will also render them obsolete. There will be no need for either “Pagang”

nor “Christgang”. Aryanity has the power to unify all White Identitarians under a single comprehensive religious, philosophical, and political framework, end the infighting, and make our movement what it is destined to become. ORION/ORIOR

ORION=Our Race Is Our Nation

ORIOR=Our Race Is Our Religion

“Orior” (Latin)

Etymology: From Proto-Indo-European (Atlantean) (to stir or rise). 


to be born / to be a consequence or result of something.

verb: to be born/created; be born of, descend/spring from; proceed/be derived (from); rise (sun) arise/emerge, crop up; get up (wake); begin; originate from,be born of.

October 11th 2020

October 13th 2020

Cristoffa Corombo, aka Christopher Columbus, was a great man, an explorer, a trail blazer, and a Knight Templar. He sailed with the mark of the Templars on his sails long after the Templar massacre and subsequent persecutions. He learned about the “La Merica” legend from his Father in-law and Uncle in-law who were Portuguese Templars. America did NOT get its name from Vespucci, this is a falsehood designed to cover up the truth about where America got its name. The truth is much more complex and magnificent. Modern ethnic Europeans have been robbed of the true history of America’s name, and it’s true nature as the Mandean Gnostic “Star of the West” (Merica) legend. Truth is the Templars “rediscovered” America, long before the fateful voyage of la Pinta, la Niña, and la Santa Maria. And even further back there had been inter-continental voyages conducted by the Vikings, the Phoenicians, and the Egyptians to name a few. In fact the presence of ethnic Europeans in the Americas goes back to the upper Paleolithic long before the wonderings of Siberian’s across the Bering Strait and through the North American ice corridor. Our ancestors cousins were here first! Today they are called the Solutreans. Ethnic whites have moral claim over this land in spite of the so-called “native Americans” claiming land rights. Learn about the true history of America and don’t let the cancel-culture mob spit on the name of a man they aren’t fit to judge. A man greater than any of their ancestors. Likewise, don’t let the slander of some JEWISH historians and misguided conspiracists convince you that Columbus was a crypto-Jew. Morano Jews escaped Europe to the new world, but Columbus himself was no Jew. These spergy types are no better than those who claim Hitler was a Jew. Don’t be so quick to slander our race’s heroes with baseless accusations. 

Happy Columbus Day! 

October 16th 2020

I want our subscribers to understand how the blackmail game works in the swamp we call the “intelligence community”. The intelligence community is not bound by borders or principalities, they are an entity unto themselves with many compartmentalized levels that get more and more deranged the higher up it goes. We activists, and operatives within the political movement called “white nationalism” or whatever you want to call it, need to live our personal lives like saints, not only to lead by example and practice what we preach, but also to avoid giving the enemy leverage to manipulate us. This is something they are very good at.

When it comes to the hierarchy of the intelligence community in the US and abroad, blackmail material is their currency. They use it and even trade it to buy the outcomes they want. The demoniacs we call “elites” actually VOLUNTEER to be blackmailed. This might sound like a confusing concept, but it’s true nonetheless. Some of the most wealthy, well-known, and “powerful” people in the world are compromised by blackmail material that they offered up in exchanged for a higher rank or position of influence within this network of elites. The people with true power exist behind the curtain, are spoken of very little in the media, and NOT in the public eye. 

That’s why places like Epstein’s Pedophile Island, Bohemian Grove, and even Mar-a-Lago exist. People within these circles volunteer to supply their superiors with compromising material such as participating in child rape and snuff films as an “insurance policy” guaranteeing that they will never step out of line while in the public eye. 

These demoniacs and their evil bloodline have been engaging in these practices for a very long time, since even before things like the Hell Fire Club and the Frankists. These demoniacs have an unbroken bloodline that has existed parallel to the Sanctorum Sanguinem since children were burned in the tophet as a sacrifice to their god Moloch. They are the Maledictus Sanguinem, the accursed blood, whose ancestors rejected the Logos, and sold their bloodline in perpetuity to the Demiurge. They are a race of demoniacs. 

This collection of families are the descendants of an evil tribe that originated in ancient Sumer. This tribe of nomads migrated up the Euphrates during the Akkadian period, then down through Canaan following the Jordan River and its tributaries. They wandered into Egypt around 1650 BC, infiltrating and subverting ancient Egypt until they were deposed in the first ever holy war between the cult of Set and the cult of Amen. 

Since then they have repeated this pattern of infiltration and subversion, existing parallel and in opposition to the ancient Atlantean/Aryan royal lines. Today we know this tribe as the Jews. Their weapons are blackmail, deceit of all kinds, economic slavery, etc. But those weapons become useless to them if we understand them and know how to parry their attacks. Especially the tactic of blackmail, blackmail doesn’t work on someone with nothing to hide, someone who lives a righteous life. 

Understanding our ancient enemy is half of the battle. Understand their evil, and you will understand how to defeat them. Evil is defeated by righteousness, lies are defeated by truth. 

Hail Victory!

October 17th 2020

Finally got the FREE version of Aryanity back up on the new website! The (((censors))) can’t keep me down and out! There are still a few registrars that provide service our community. But it won’t last, we need our tech entrepreneurs to create hosting, crypto, encryption, and multimedia companies for OUR community, so our (((enemies))) lose their leverage over us!

Enjoy the online version of Aryanity here:

October 19th 2020

Our ancestors were very familiar with the evil of the Jews. Once upon a time the Jew’s character traits of habitual deceit, thievery, and murder were common knowledge and gentiles knew well not to deal with Jews. Likewise, our ancestors were aware of the Jews participation in dark occult rituals, which included the murder of gentile children and the worship of demonic forces. This knowledge was passed down in our classical literature, nursery rhymes, and children’s stories. 

There is a reason why the image of the evil disgusting witch is commonly recognized as a murderous hag with a long hooked nose and a pointy hat. In the Middle Ages Jews in Germany wore what was called a “Judenhut” (Jewish hat), which was a pointy hat with a brim identical to the hats witches are depicted as wearing. In medieval art Jews were often depicted participating in satanic rituals wearing these hats, and this image took its place as one of our cultural archetypes.

Historical literature has many depiction of Jews as liars, thieves, and murderers. Even as far back as the Canterbury Tales, a Christian child is depicted as being murdered by Jews for singing a hymn as he passed through the Jewish quarter. In the Faust legend, Faust is swindled out of his own leg by a Jew! In Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, the evil “Shylock” is a miserly Jewish money lender. In Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Dickens portrays the leader of the thieves as the Jew Fagin, an immoral, miserly, character that is “disgusting” to look at. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Marble Faun, Jews are described as “the ugliest, most evil-minded people” who resemble “maggots when they overpopulate a decaying cheese.”

The Jewish caricature is also common in classical fairy tales and nursery rhymes such as Jack and the Bean Stalk and Mother Goose. Take this famous quatrain:


I smell the blood of an Englishman,

Be he alive, or be he dead

I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.”

This rhyme demonstrates the practice of “blood libel” or Jewish ritual murder where Jews would bleed their gentile victims dry and use the blood in their Passover Matzo bread. In Mother Goose Jack is swindle out of his golden egg by a Jew:

“Jack sold his golden egg to a rascally Jew,

Who cheated him out of half of his due.”

Depictions of Jews as immoral, lying, thieves and murderers are common in classical literature, yet some like the story of Pinocchio are subtle. Why is it that his nose grows every time he tells a lie? There is wisdom in our cultural archetypes, myths, legends, and children’s stories. Pass these stories and their wisdom on to your children with this in mind.

October 21st 2020

As Occidental Templars we recognize that the OT is a collection of ancient mythos from multiple Proto-Aryan and Aryan cultures (Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc) that has been variously retold and redacted by “Semites”, who aren’t actually purely from “Shem”, but came to speak a Semitic language. 

The reality is far more complex and convoluted than what the OT biblical stories provide us with. When cross referencing the biblical stories with pagan mythologies, other historical accounts, and archeological evidence you get a more complete picture of history. 

But one thing is certain, Jews are NOT what they pretend to be, and they have the majority of modern “Christians” fooled. Israel is a people, not a place. And Jews are NOT from the nation of Israel. Whether they be Edomites or actual Judahites (actually a mix of both) they do NOT have legitimate claim over the land of Israel/Palestine. One day the Armies of Light will make war with the Jews in a Final Crusade and take back the Holy Land.

October 26th 2020

With the coming of Samhain/Winter Nights/Halloween, I want our subscribers to recognize the birth and life of one of the greatest and most mysterious Aryan women to grace our civilization with her beautiful presence. Maria Oršić (Orsitsch), born on October 31st, 1895 was a deeply mystical soul, who served as a medium for the Thule Gesellschaft (Thule Society) and later founded the Vril Gesellschaft (Vril Society). 

The Thule Society was founded by the famous German occultist, Rudolf von Sebottendorf, and later inducted prominent names such as Dietrich Eckart and Adolf Hitler. This infamous secret occult society was the incubator for the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party). The Thule Society was named for what was believed to be the legendary ancient home of the Hyperborean people (Proto-Aryans/PIE peoples), now known as Iceland. It was claimed by the Thule Society that Thule (Iceland) and “Ultima Thule” (Greenland) was once a volcanic oasis surrounded by ice age glaciers and populated by the mysterious ancestors of the Aryan race.

“Vril” is a word derived from a novel written in 1871, by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, “Vril, The Power of the Coming Race”, which relates an account of a mysterious subterranean master race called the “Vril-ya” who had mastered the use of a mysterious energy form called “Vril”. Theosophists Helena Blavatsky, William Scott-Elliot, and Rudolf Steiner, accepted the book as being based on authentic occult truths. German Rocket Scientists Willy Ley was the first to reveal the existence of the Vril society and claimed that it exited during Weimar Berlin, to locate and master Vril energy. Then in 1960 Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels, in their book “The Morning of the Magicians”, related how the Vril Society was the inner circle of the Thule Society and was in contact with the infamous Hermetic Order of the Holden Dawn.

Maria was more beautiful than any Hollywood star at that time. Maria Oršić was first mentioned and pictured in 1967 by Bergier and Pauwels in their book:”Aufbruch ins dritte Jahrtausend: von der Zukunft der phantastischen Vernunft”. In Munich Maria came into contact with the Thule Gesellschaft and soon she created her own circle (Vril Society) together with Traute A. from Munich and several other friends: the “Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik”, official name of the Vril Gesellschaft. 

All of them were young ladies, which among other things were against the arising fashion of short hair-styles for women. Both Maria and Traute were beautiful ladies with very long hair; Maria was blond and Traute was brown-haired. They had long horse tails, a very uncommon hairstyle at that time. This became a disctinctive characteristic in all the women who were Vril mediums, which was maintained till May 1945. They believed that their long hair acted as cosmic antennae to receive alien or paranormal communications. In public, however, they hardly ever exhibited the hair in horse tail style. For identification, Vril members (also called Vrilerinnen) wore a disk which represented the two mediums: Marija Oršić and Sigrun.

This idea of long hair serving as “antennae” capable of picking up subtle frequencies of energy isn’t so far fetched when looking into the science of it. Hair can transmit electrical frequencies and will stand on end when static electricity builds up in the body and hair. Hair is an extension of the bio electrical nervous system, it can be correctly seen as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly evolved ‘feelers’ or ‘antennae’ that transmit vast amounts of important information to the brain stem, the limbic system, and the neocortex. Not only does hair in people, including facial hair in men, provide an information highway reaching the brain, hair also emits energy, the electromagnetic energy emitted by the brain into the outer environment. This has been seen in Kirlian photography when a person is photographed with long hair and then rephotographed after the hair is cut.

The legend of the Vril Society, formed by this group of female psychic mediums led by the Thule Gesellschaft medium Oršić, relates how the mediums had received communication from Hyperborean extra-terrestrials that had left the earth in prehistory, and were now living on a planet in the Alpha Centauri region, which in later writings was confounded with “Alpha Tauri” or the Aldebaran system. A second medium was known only as Sigrun, a name etymologically related to Sigrune, a Valkyrie and one of Wotan’s nine daughters in Norse mythology.

The legend of the Vril mediums consist of contact with extraterrestrials, and the transmission of Vril technologies, particularly anti-gravity machines known as “Vril machines”. These Vril machines allegedly began the modern UFO phenomenon and are said to have been pioneered and developed in Third Reich Germany based off of the schematics channeled by Oršić. Legendary accounts by Allied pilots of “Foo Fighters” during World War Two were the first mention of disk shaped craft being used by Germany. As Berlin was being invaded it is said that Maria along with several other members of the Thule inner circle entered the final prototype of this secret technology called the Haunebu IV and disappeared. Theorists claim that she fled with her confidants to subterranean bases in Antarctica, which were connected via a vast subterranean sea that could be navigated by U-boat to the topsy-turvy realm of the hollow earth and the ancient city of Agartha. Whether this is actually the case or not isn’t known. 

This modern day occult mythos of extraterrestrial flying machines, the subterranean master race, and the hollow earth may be dismissed by the uninitiated as pure fiction, but there are multiple pieces

of evidence that I discuss in my book Aryanity that make this mythos more than just a modern legend. But alas, we will never know until private individuals are allowed to travel to Antarctica and the North Pole to investigate. Yet since travel to the poles is explicitly banned by international naval powers and world government, without special permission, including a gag order, the prospect of this world shattering truth coming to light is slim. 

To learn more about this and many other subjects of interest to the Esoteric Nationalist, National Socialist, and Aryan community follow the link to the FREE version of Aryanity: Forbidden History of the Aryan Race.


October 30th 2020

Screw your optics! No symbolism is more powerful and evokes so much fear in evil, weak men than the swastika. Use it openly, and proudly. Take it back from the 56%er Untermenschen that have white trashed it. Always conduct yourself in public with grace and class and one day we will be able to salvage our Aryan symbolism. The swastika has profound metaphysical and occult significance and still deserves its place in the sun.

October 31st 2020

Sean Connery died today at 90. He was a passionate Scottish Nationalist, but if the list of celebs that have been “knighted” by the Queen is any indication, that is an empty title now. When the sodomite Elton John was dubbed, this showed the emptiness of knighthood in the UK. But Sir Connery seems to have been a different bird. At first denied because of his Scottish nationalism, then later accepted. These titles given by the Queen are meaningless when there are no real responsibilities attached. Even the titles of “Queen” or “King” in the UK are meaningless. Perhaps one day that will change with the tutelage of our OMTO operatives in Britain. We believe NS was a means to a goal, a goal cut short. The final goal was to set up a new Aryan aristocracy purified of Jewish subversion. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor were in fact agents of the third Reich, surly to reclaim the former glory of their family name. Now the Queen is nothing more than a figurehead who is being puppeteered my the (((Lord Mayor))).

October 31st 2020

Happy Samhain/Álfablót/Halloween! It is said that the veil between the worlds is thinnest today. The time when humans (especially gifted mediums) could more easily make contact with disembodied spirits and other entities/energies. It is a day of profound occult significance. Likewise, is it also a day of important cultural significance for Western Aryan/White people. This day has an archetypal parallel historically in every ethnic European culture. These  archetypes  show us that we are ONE PEOPLE, in spite of our many different languages and regional quirks. White diaspora has shown us this. Celebrate this day in whatever manner you identify with the most, and make a point to remember your ancestors on this day.

November 1st 2020

I wanted to talk to our subscribers about the RELIGIOUS Third Position. Many of you may be familiar with the POLITICAL third position, ie Fascism/NatSoc. These political (socio-economic) ideologies constitute a monolithic third position completely outside the false dichotomy of the right/left paradigm, while also adopting the best aspects of both. But there is also another third position. The religio-philosophical third position. There is a false notion that has infected the Western religio-political sphere when it comes to religion, that is that you are either a member of one of the many “Pagan” religions or a member of one of the so-called “Abrahamic” religions. Likewise, there is an equally false notion and false debate amongst the factions within the Third Position political sphere that the original inner circle of Third Reich Germany were either Pagan or Christian, when the reality is that they were neither, they were Occultists. 

The terms “Pagan” and “Abrahamic” are umbrella terms, the former constitutes many different religions from Odinism to Wicca to Hinduism and Buddhism, but even Platonism would be included in this category. The later would constitute not only Judaism, Christianity, and Islam but also the many different schisms and denominations. The reality is that their is also a “third position” on the religious spectrum known as “Occultism”. Occultism is the study of mystical and esoteric religious teachings, or religious discourse outside of the rigid and exoteric mainstream interpretation of organized religion. 

When one studies the occult mysteries it becomes clear that these categories are really not as monolithic as they seem to the uninitiated. It becomes clear to those who pursue a more profound understanding of religion and the religious mysteries that the earliest forms of Christianity had far more Pagan elements than Hebraic, and you can’t really call Christianity in its original form an “Abrahamic” religion per se as it was far more of a Greco-Egyptian religion that developed in the milieu of Hellenistic Greco-Rome. It’s basic precepts and principals are essentially Platonic, and intrinsically anti-Semitic, with a twist of Buddhistic parallels. Even the Christ archetype matches up nearly verbatim with much older Pagan mythos from multiple traditions. Likewise, modern Judaism is not really Abrahamic either, and is more the continuation of a Babylonian death cult covered in a veneer of Hebraic traditions, and the same can be said about Islam. The religion practiced by the Hebrews was NOT Judaism at all, but something completely different and now extinct. 

These religions in their original form are actually DEAD religions and the Abrahamic traditions that people carry on today have no connections whatsoever to any ancient tradition. The same thing can be said of modern Paganism. These are revivalist religions that fill in the historical blanks with speculation or in the case of religions like Wicca, the blanks are filled in with appropriated rituals from much older Ceremonial Magick traditions. Modern European Paganism in any of its many forms are NOT authentic unbroken traditions. 

The point of this statement is that things are not so simple and boxed in as both rigid Christians and Pagans make things out to be. The false notion that Paganism and Christianity are like oil and water is not based in reality, but rather based on cognitive biases and false teachings on “both” sides of the Pagan/Christian religious debate. Many of our Pagan ancestors converted to Christianity without much of a fight because they recognized their archetypal parallels between their ancient traditions and this “new” Roman religion. If our people realized the true nature of Aryan religions they would be able to take a more “Gnostic” approach to religion in general. An initiate of the arcane mysteries feels comfortable moving back and forth between the camps because he realizes that they both have common roots and the Prisca Theologia threads it’s way through both sides of the pro-white religious factions.

The POLITICAL third position must merge with the RELIGIOUS third position.

November 3rd 2020

To our American subscribers, don’t forget to do your civic doodie tomorrow if you haven’t vooted already.

Racial Terrorism is NOT the Road to White Victory!

by James Harting, November 26th 2012

(Part 1 of 2)

“I HAVE SAID this before, but it bears repeating over and over again until it has sunk into even the densest skull: We must emphatically and unequivocally reject terrorism as a strategy for White revolution.

Our enemy is the most powerful political-economic System ever to exist. It controls the government of every major country, it dominates the global capitalist economy, and it possesses mass media with an international reach. The Jewish component of this System consciously seeks the extermination of Aryan humanity as a long-range goal; the non-Jewish element of the System is merely indifferent to White survival and goes along with the Jews’ plans out of convenience. In confronting and defeating this colossal monstrosity, it is necessary to more than nip at its heels – which is all that terrorism does.

Terrorism is truly the weapon of the weak and the desperate. Terrorists typically target undefended, or “soft,” civilian targets. But these targets themselves are not the seat of power. No government in the history of mankind has EVER been toppled by terrorism. Rather, terrorists seek to force concessions from the ruling regime while leaving it in power. A successful terrorist campaign is essentially reformist, not revolutionary, in its practical effect: ultimately, terrorism is not revolutionary but counter-revolutionary. Our goal must be to overthrow the anti-White System, not to “terrorize” or scare it!

And if unsuccessful, terrorism can actually do serious harm to the cause that it purports to champion.

Consider the example of the resistance of the Klan movement to the System’s integrationist schemes in the American South in the 1960s. I am not a squeamish or hypocritical person. I shed no crocodile tears for the various “civil rights workers” executed by the White Knights of Mississippi, or by the United Klans of America, or by Byron de la Beckwith. But these various acts of racial terrorism did not substantially slow down the anti-White forces. To the contrary, they provided a legal and moral justification for massive federal intervention. In the end, not only was the modest goal of promoting Negro voting rights achieved, but the entire White power structure that had been in place in the South for a century was dismantled. THAT was the practical effect of pro-White terrorism: it did not bring White victory, but rather hastened White defeat!

It is not some random Jewish media propagandist, or a Sikh invader praying in his temple in Wisconsin, or even the Negro who is sitting in the Oval Office, who is the real enemy of our Race. They are merely symptoms of the problem – they are not the problem itself.

The problem is that we, as a people, have lost control of our country and our future. The solution to that problem is to fight to win them back; it is not to lash out blindly at our tormenters in an emotional and ineffective manner.

The masters of the media are steadfast in their portrayal of any resistance to White extinction as “terrorism.” Sadly, there are people associated with the struggle for White survival who are only too glad to go along with them. Some people have read the revolutionary fantasies of Dr. William Pierce, in his novels The Turner Diaries and Hunter, and are unable to separate fiction from reality. Others simply have an emotional or psychological makeup that finds murder, mayhem and destruction pleasurable for their own sake, and have attached themselves to the White people’s movement as a justification for their own warped desires. These people are not part of the solution, but rather they are part of the problem!”

Part two:

Racial Terrorism is NOT the Road to White Victory!

by James Harting, November 26th 2012

(Part 2 of 2)

“I advocate what serious National Socialists have always advocated: we can only bring our Cause to victory by winning the hearts and minds of the great masses of our White brothers and sisters. Once we have a substantial percentage of the White population behind us, there is nothing that can stand in our way. (Note: I said “substantial percentage,” not “majority.”)

I have heard the argument that, “The White masses have rejected our Movement and our message, so it is futile to waste our time, money and energy in trying to convert them.”

But this is a false argument if I have every heard one! The great masses of White people do not know that we even exist, or at best they are only dimly conscious of our existence. The average White American has never held a piece of National Socialist or WN literature in his hands, even on single occasion. And even of those who have heard of the evil “Nazis,” or the Ku Klux Klan or the skinhead “menace,” what percentage of them know what our actual core message is? Damn few, that’s how many! How can people be said to “reject” us if they do not know what we stand for, or that we even exist?

Our supreme, overriding goal is the fight for the hearts and minds of White America – and of White Britain, and White Canada, and White Australia, and of every White country. Terrorism, which turns the broad masses of decent White people against us, must be thoroughly and publicly rejected and denounced.”

Part one:

See also: Against White Nationalist Terrorism by Dr. Greg Johnson

Gnosticism in a nutshell:

(Part 1 of 2)

So imagine that the entire history of the world has been a struggle between an evil god of darkness and lies and a God of light and truth, and that these two gods are mirror images of each other, but the evil one has the advantage because he created world. Yet he did not create the spiritual essence that the world was fashioned from, this spiritual essence was created by and is actually part of the true God, and the world was created as a kind of prison of illusions for this spiritual essence of the true God. 

Imagine throughout the history of mankind, this evil god has continually deceived men into worshiping him and being attached to their own lives and worldly things rather than recognizing the nature of their true essence. So every so often an emissary of the true God comes in human form to guide the immortal souls of certain spiritually developed people out of perdition. Now imagine this evil god played a little trick on a tribe of desert people long ago and convinced them he was the only and real God. Vengeful, full of wrath, demanding of his followers blood sacrifice and other depravities. He even convinced them that the savior was an evil god called Helel or Lucifer. 

After hundreds of years this devil’s religion spreads beyond the desert people to a great classical civilization (Hellenistic Greco-Rome) that had an innate sense of spiritual truths. Now imagine the emissary of the True God comes along destined to reveal the truth to everyone that this “god” is actually the Devil and he is once again trying to trick the world using the religion of his minions. Not long after he preaches the truth about the real God, the nature of the evil one and rebukes his minions he is brutally tortured to death by these minions. 

But his disciples continue to spread the truth, which is a problem for the devil’s plan. So he sets out to use another one of his followers and picks one of the most depraved he can find. And who better than a murderer of the Savior’s followers? His name was “Paul”. The devil and his minion hatch a plan to convince the world yet again that he is the one and only god. The minion begins to claim that he saw the teacher in phantom form nearly 30 years after he was brutally tortured to death. But all of his original disciples don’t believe him and call him an “apostate”…all except one. 

There was one of the Savior’s original followers who was shunned by the rest for denying his savior to his persecutors three times to save his own life. His name was Peter. This Peter was still very resentful for losing his place as the leader of the church to the Saviors wife, Mary Magdalene, and conspired with this new man claiming to be a disciple to create a new teaching and a facsimile church that would unify the old religion with the new one in spite of its many contradictions, thus once again convincing people that the God of the old religion was the one and only God. 

From this time on there were now two churches, a facsimile church and the true church. The true church asked for no money from its followers and rejected the things of the world entirely. But the facsimile church secretly led by the evil God continued to grow in power and wealth and deceived more and more people. Eventually the facsimile church used its power to brutally do away with the members of the true church. They burned their written teachings, and murdered the followers of the true teachings. They tried to erase every remnant that they ever existed at all, but some survived and passed on their creed in secret, they buried their written teaching, and passed on the truth to only a select few initiates.

From time to time the true church would surface and would once again be brutally put down by the facsimile church. The facsimile church was nearly all powerful deceiving generations and generations of wayward souls. Scholars only knew of a few second hand written accounts of the original true church and its persecution throughout the centuries.

Read part 2 here:

Gnosticism in a nutshell:

(Part 2 or 2)

But eventually the true church surfaced again and there was a period of revelation where many of the written teachings that were buried were found! Scholars and truth seekers now could understand the true history and the trick the Devil god and his minions played on the whole world. 

This devil god is called Yahweh by his minions the Jews, and Jahova by the others he had deceived. But he is known by the true church as the Demiurge, Yaldabaoth.

Read part one here:

Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge. AKA Yahweh or Jehovah.

November 4th 2020

Reject the false dichotomy. Republicans are just Zionists and Democrats are just Marxists. Politics in the US is just a case of Jewish infighting conducted by their Goyim proxies. On the one side you have International Jewry and on the other you have Nationalistic Jewry. Jews are not as monolithic as some of us assume. You have conservative Jews (Zionists) and reform Jews (Marxists) mostly. Orthodox Jews are kind of a mix of both when it comes to politics, anti-zionist and international, but also strictly religious. To fight your (((enemy))) you must understand your (((enemy))).

November 7th 2020

/Our Queen/, Ursula Haverbeck came home. She left jail on Thursday after over two years in prison for simply telling the truth. In 2018 she was sentenced to two years for so-called Holocaust denial. Now on Monday, the day after birthday, three days after release, must reappear again in court. This woman has been dragged in German courts for writing inconvenient articles for several years, for having “incorrect” opinions and asking too difficult questions. Our subscribers in the US must bare witness to what occupied Germany is forced to endure. This is a woman that witnessed “Nazi” Germany with her own eyes and refuses to let the slander against Germany persists at the cost of her own freedom. If the US continues to allow their rights to be trampled eventually the American third position will all be imprisoned for wrong think. Even now the intelligence agencies are weaponized against us and we are being forced underground. I for one would rather die than live in a world where it’s illegal to speak truth.

November 8th 2020

Dug up my sweet potato patch today. As Aryans it is incumbent upon us to work the soil wherever we find ourselves. If you think you are too good for manual labor, too smart to get your hands dirty, you will be looked at as if you are a fool when the SHTF. Keep these and other skill sets sharp even if you have just a small garden and only go hunting once a year. Pass this knowledge on to your children. When the time comes it may save your life or the life of a loved one. While the city dwelling bugmen die in swarms from societal collapse, you just might squeak by if you are willing to do what it takes to survive.

卐 Blut und Boden! 卐

November 9th 2020

Happy 92nd birthday Saint Ursula!

November 11th 2020

Best deep fake ever!

Lanz Von Leibensfels, the father of Ariosophy is oft a misunderstood character. His works such as Theozoology seem like the ravings of a madman due to his disjointed writing style and use of his own personalized descriptive terms. Madness is a common side effect of genius, or is it the inverse? While many of his theories seem far fetched such as his lexicon of biblical code words, and his obsession with “sodomite apelings” (“sodomite” in the classical sense referring to all unnatural intercourse  including inter-species), many of his ideas provided valuable insights into racial science. It cannot be denied that the term “human” as it is applied today is a misnomer when it is applied to the various hominid subspecies that now roam the earth that modern quackademia classified as the “races”. Likewise, through the science of genetics it has been proven that the “races” have had many cross-breading periods with various and separate non-human “species” such as Neanderthals in Europe and Asia, Denisovans in Melanesia and Australia, and the as of yet unidentified species hitherto dubbed “archaic African” in subsaharan Africa. The science of genetics has indeed validated many of Lanz’s assumptions that certain “humans” had interbred with non-human members of the great ape family. With every attempt by the cultural-Marxist establishment to find evidence to support the “out of Africa” theory, and the trite cliche “one race the human race” they only find more evidence to support the hypotheses of the early racial scientists, hypotheses that were based on simple observable reality. It’s as if quackademia is saying, “don’t believe you’re lying eyes”, when it comes to Negros. Not taking into consideration their radical behavioral differences and drastically lower average intelligence, the physiognomy of negros alone warrants their classification as a separate hominid species or at the very least a subspecies of “human”.

Are Negros Closer to Apes Than to Humans?

The negro skull, in addition to having a smaller brain volume and thicker cranial bones than that of Aryans, is prognathous ; i.e., the lower face projects forward in the manner of an animal’s muzzle. The negro jaw is substantially longer, relative to its width, than the Aryan jaw. A feature of the negro lower jaw is its retention of a vestige of the “simian shelf,” a bony region immediately behind the incisors. The simian shelf is a distinguishing characteristic of apes, and it is absent in Whites. The arms and legs of the negro are relatively longer than Aryans. The humerus is shorter and the forearm longer thereby approximating the ape form. The eye often has a yellowish scierotic coat over it like that of a gorilla. The negro has a shorter trunk; the cross-section of the chest is more circular than Aryans. Similar to an ape. The pelvis is narrower and longer as it is in an ape. The negro has a larger and shorter neck akin to that of apes. The ears are roundish, rather small, standing somewhat high and detached thus approaching the ape form. The jaw is larger and stronger and protrudes outward which, along with lower retreating forehead, gives a facial angle of 68 to 70 degrees, like an ape, as opposed to a facial angle of 80 to 82 degrees for Aryans. The three curvatures of the spine are less pronounced in the negro than in the white and thus more characteristic of an ape. The two bones proper of the nose are occasionally united, as in apes. Early taxonomists and geneticists believed that negros should be classified as different species. In fact, Darwin declared in The Descent of Man that the negros are so distinct that similar differences (phenotype) found in any other animal would warrant their classification as a different species.


Coon, Carleton S. The Origin of Races, 1962, Alfred A. Knopf

Howells, William. Mankind So Far, Doubleday, Garden City, NY

Weisman, Charles A. The Origins of Race and Civilization, 1990

November 15th 2020

The salvation of England, the U.S, Europe, the entire west in fact, lies not in the two party system based upon the false left-right dichotomy, in any socio-economic reform, nor in any outside aid from international/globalist organizations using false  pretences of equality and progress to justify their relentless absorption of all genuine manifestations of quality, uniqueness and sovereignty. 

The salvation of the west lies in the stirring up of the spirit of our people, in rekindling their connection to the land of our ancestors, in re-establishing the eternal, immutable natural laws which govern life on this earth, causing a religious fervour for truth, beauty, order, boundaries/distinction and knowledge of the divine, as well as man’s place in relation to it. 

We must stop the devouring fear and ignorance which is sweeping across our homelands today in the guise of science and liberal enlightenment. We must expose the lies upon which the current conception and understanding of history, nature, civilization and truth are based upon. 

There can be no more tolerance for that which is intolerable, no more justification for trespassing against natural law, no more appeasing those who seek our destruction, no more fighting or squabbling about trivial differences which aid the usurpers and defilers in smothering the light that our people possess deep within themselves. 

We must remember who we are and what our destiny is, honour the heroes of our past and secure our posterity by isolating ourselves from the chaos of modernity and all its entrapments/illusions. We must bring fourth a new religion, not a political party or movement, a religion that fuses the spiritualism of gnostic Christianity and the blood/nature veneration of Germanic paganism together into one, indestructible pillar (Irminsul). 

The enemy can ban our political parties which vouch for our interests and right to self preservation/self determination as a distinct, indigenous and homogeneous group, but they cannot ban a religious awakening. Should they try to do so they will reveal their true character and the sinister nature of their agenda which even the most ignorant, in-denial fool will be able to see.

Administrator, Astyrian. 13/14

From the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”

PROTOCOL V: “We are much too strong; all the world must obey us. Governments cannot do the least thing without our secret intervention. Per me reges regunt. (Kings rule by me.) We read in the Law of the Prophets that we are chosen by God to rule the world. God has given us the ability to carry out this task. If there existed a genius in the enemy camp he might be able to fight against us. AND THE BATTLE BETWEEN HIM AND US WOULD BE A FIGHT SUCH AS THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE. NOW IT IS ALREADY VERY LATE FOR THE GENIUS OF THE GENTILES.”

The Demiurge has indeed given the Jews the ability to “carry out the task” of world domination. They know they are His minions, his demoniacs, but they do NOT know that he is a false god. “The truth of the Jew is the organic lie” – Rosenberg. And hence the absence of any afterlife in Judaism: neither Heaven nor Hell. “And when a Jew dies, nothing remains – he is devoured by the Lord of Darkness”. Yet still, in spite of their great worldly power given them by their master, the king of this world, Yahweh, the Demiurge, they fear the Aryan soul collectively manifesting. And not simply in one man, but in one creed. A man can be destroyed, but a creed outlasts empires. 

Many people believe Hitler was this great Genius that the Jews feared, and he indeed was one of the greatest of geniuses, but he only prepared the way for the Aryan Genius that will save our people from the planned genocide we currently face. When will this great Genius make his presence known? Many are vying for leadership positions over our folk, and we see the final battle approaching. Yet again and again our leaders continually prove their inadequacy as the hero archetype. Because the otherworldly Aryan soul has not manifest in them, they do not come as the representative of the TRUE transcendental Godhead, that exists beyond this illusory world of the Demiurge. 

The war between the races and specifically between Aryans and our ancient enemies the Jews has been raging for millennia. The “Good War” was only one chapter in an evolutionary struggle that has raged for millennia. The Final Battle that is coming will make the “World Wars” look like small skirmishes in comparison, and the lines between combatants and civilians will be nonexistent. 4th generation warfare will take the bloated world population down to 1.5 billion in a matter of years when the Aryan Genius manifest again on this earth. Instead of a healer and a teacher, this avatar will be the embodiment of destruction. It will destroy everything evil and abominable with its very words. 

The etymology of the word “genius” comes from the Latin term for a tutelary spirit and is related to the words genie and genus, from the Proto-Aryan ǵenh (to create) and the Persian djinn. As Plato claimed to have a tutelary spirit or “daemon”, those possessed of true genius connect with a realm beyond this world and outside of themselves. What Jung called the collective unconscious, but what ancient Aryans called the Akashic (cosmic) record. The keys to open the doors of this otherworldly library reside within the blood of all Aryans. 

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” -Nikola Tesla 

The Aryan Genius will not be manifest in a man, it is too profound for just one man. The Aryan Genius lives in the genetic memories of our people, passed down to us by countless ancestors who fought the evolutionary struggle to make flesh reflect the nature of their souls through the Aeons old process of spiritual evolution, metempsychosis. The great Genius of our people will come in a form that cannot be so easily destroyed by the enemies of our people. It will come in the form of a great new religion, a religion whose first law will be that you must be born into it and of it to be a member!

Hail Aryanity! Hail the New Dawn!


November 18th 2020

Not many people have ever heard of

Stanislaw Szukalski. One of the rare unknown geniuses produced by the 20th century. He was a Polish Nationalist and Fascist artist and occultist who survived WWII. Many of his works were unfortunately destroyed in the war.  He went on to invent a religion that closely mirrored the works of Von Liebenfels’ Theozoology, founded around an Eternal war between Humans and malicious Yeti-Hybrids. He wrote 25,000 pages on the subject that he called “Zermatism” and after moving to Los Angeles he imparted it to a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

Behold the works of Stanisław Szukalski!

– Wanderer

Stanisław Szukalski (13 December 1893 – 19 May 1987) was a Polish sculptor and painter who became a part of the Chicago Renaissance. In 1930s Poland he enjoyed fame as a nationalist sculptor. He went on to develop the occult theories of Zermatism, positing that all human culture was derived from post-deluge Easter Island and that humankind was locked in an eternal struggle with the Sons of Yeti (“Yetinsyny”), the offspring of Yeti and humans. At first glance any “normal” person would consider this theory ridiculous, but like Von Liebenfels there are insights of great value in the ravings of a mad genius. 

Learn more at:

November 19th 2020

George battling the dragon is a symbolic, archetypal painting; the dragon representing both man’s lower nature desires, attachments, vices and ignorance, as well as the grotesque depravity, injustice, deceit and chaotic power of the eternal enemy of the sons of God. George (the awakened warrior who yields a spear, of which is in itself an esoteric symbol) pierces and slays the dragon. It’s important to familiarise oneself with such profound and deeply rooted archetypes and symbols to inspire one to action during these times when the natural law and order of nature, not to mention the spirit of European man, is most vehemently under attack. 

Administrator, Astyrian. 13/14

This is a flow chart I made breaking down the evolutionary theories in Aryanity. I contend with Serrano and the Ancient Astronaut crowd in Aryanity and argue that Hyperboreans/Atlanteans (Super-Cro-Magnon) developed here on earth, instead of another planet (Venus, Proxima Centauri, etc.) Also my theories of biological evolution as a reflection of spiritual evolution (metempsychosis) contend with Serrano’s “involution” theory. The other major difference between Aryanity and EH is Aryanity’s proclamation that the Christ archetype did indeed incarnate in human form, and many times in fact. Aryanity proclaims Christ as an Aryan Pagan archetype, NOT Semitic. A new book is coming soon, and will be free to subscribers just as Aryanity is, stay tuned!

November 23rd 2020

He abandons the carefully controlled chaos and the mindless crowds of his degraded and rotten civilization. He avoids the paths created by other men in a futile attempt to tame that which can never be tamed. He too is untamed, undomesticated, and so he and nature are one. He fears not the cold, dark and eerie woodlands and forests, he fears not the creaks and cracks of trees and branches around him. 

It would appear he is lonely, but only the blind would think so. His ancestors and gods reside within and around him, the spirits of nature swirl around him in the breeze, hail down upon him in the raindrops, brush past his feet in the leaves, shine down upon him through the rays of the sun…he is never alone. He knows this, and is emboldened by it, made zealous and strong willed by it. No man, no group of men under any banner or authority can disturb him. His spirit burns bright even though from external appearances he may seem darkened by the world; it’s a conscious disguise. 

Should any stand in his way or attempt to disrupt the ceremony of his life and wanderings, woe to them. Should any accuse him or label him as he goes bout his own, woe to them. Should any try to prohibit him from honouring his forebears or gods, woe to them. He is the new man, the overman, sent as a lightning bolt into a world of illusion and falsehood, to pierce and shake it into order. He says get in line with the will of the Allfather and abide by natures laws or else. He says nurture and respect that which has given and is giving you life or else. He says cast down false idols made by man in his ignorance and pride or else. 

He is not alone, there are many like him and together they form a shadow army. Their general is the Allfather, their weapons are their heart, mind and spirit. Their uniform is their skin. Their decorations are the monumental consequences of their enlightened actions.

Administrator, Astyrian. 13/14

Modern politically correct (aka Marxist) QUACKademia says that these are both examples of “anatomically modern humans”.

On the left is an Australoid skull, on the right is a Europoid (Aryan) Caucasoid skull. The brain volume of the skull on the left is around 650 cc less than the brain volume of the skull on the right. Racial scientist have always noticed a correlation between brain size and intellect. Other factors have been noticed such as brain folds, but generally speaking cranial volume is a crude indicator of intellect. The “most intelligent man in the world” Chris Langan also agrees with the racial scientists in this regards. He has an IQ between 195-205, his cranial circumstance is over 5 standard deviations above the mean of American men. He has a HUGE brain. 

The skull on the left is visibly primitive, and it doesn’t take a genius to recognize it. 

-Orion Starfire  ☩13/14࿕

November 24th 2020

Not a “Christian”, nor a “Pagan”, but a practicing ARYAN, I practice Aryanity. Christianity is too narrow a term, while Paganism is too broad. My race IS my religion. I know that the Christ Avatar existed for millennia in every Aryan culture. Just as the secret of the Demiurgic power exists in every Aryan religion, Maya, the Arcanum Arcanorum. Aryanity is Pan-Aryan perennialism, it is the revival of the Prisca Theologia. This ancient wisdom exists latent in our blood and encoded in our myths. Through mystical discipline one can learn to decipher the wisdom of the ancients encoded in your very genes, the Akashic record, the Logos, the cosmic core of all knowledge. Only we purest of Aryans can ever hope to grasp the Arcane secrets, for we are the final step on this earth in the process of spiritual evolution, metempsychosis. Only an awakened Aryan can pass the gates to the Pleroma, and only Gnosis, Samadhi can set you free from the prison of this flesh and time. Escape the Kali Yuga.


November 26th 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to our American subscribers. Today is the harvest festival for the United States, traditionally celebrated as the feast shared with the Puritan Pilgrims and the Indians. But the idea of a harvest festival has European Pagan roots. There are many examples of different harvest festival practices traditionally throughout Europe that descended from the wheel of the year. Most are celebrated on or around the Autumnal Equinox, Harvest Home, Mabon, the Feast of the Ingathering, Meán Fómhair, An Clabhsúr, or Alban Elfed (in Neo-Druid traditions), is a modern pagan of thanks for the fruits of the earth and a recognition of the need to share them to secure the blessings of the Goddess/God. Whatever your religious persuasion, if you recognize a different harvest festival, or non at all, it is always good to stay mindful of the wheel of the year. We must recognizing the importance of the seasons to our ancestors and also to ourselves. As White-Aryans we evolved in a region where the seasons mean everything. The harvest was the last period before the long cold winter. Other races evolved in climates where there are only two seasons (wet and dry), or none at all. Thousands of years of our ancestors struggling to live in the harsh environmental selection of the northern hemisphere made us strong and clever. When the ancient festivals come around thank your ancestors for their struggles, their strength lives in you. 

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

Our movement wants healthy people, healthy families, healthy communities, and a healthy society. This won’t happen until we purge the disease from our civilization. But before the immune system can fight the disease it needs to know the (((cause))). It’s not enough that we purge the Jews and their goblin armies from our lands, and this won’t happen anyway until we purge doubt and division from our racially aware folk. We know the cause of the disease, and the symptoms are systemic, to fight the disease we must organize as a single, unshakable, culture. When one of our folk becomes racially aware, they shouldn’t have to navigate the maze of factional ideologies to get to the truth of Esoteric Fascism. Esoteric Fascism encompasses the whole of the Aryan spiritual experience and is a beacon of light to all entering the movement, from either the Christian or Pagan camps. No more division, no more brother wars, one race, one religion. Aryanity!


December 1st 2020

Within the new book will be a list of Aryan Saints to be canonized for sainthood within THE Aryan religion. Aryanity, the  Prisca Theologia. 

With this list of Saints will also be a list of western and eastern Aryan religious leaders and doctrines of history that are sources of wisdom and inspiration for the perennial philosophy of Aryanity. 

Furthermore a list of people of interest, some from the left hand path, not to be revered, but that students of Aryanity should familiarize themselves with to gain a more compete understanding of the Secret History. 

Henceforth is the list of people to be considered for canonization of Sainthood or special mention of THE Aryan Religion, Aryanity:

Prophets and Prophetesses:

Helena Blavatsky

Guido Von List

Theodor Fritsch

Jorg Lanz Von Liebenfels 

Rudolf Gorschleben

Rudolph Von Sebottendorff

Dietrich Eckart

Maria Orsic

Alfred Rosenberg

Wilhelm Landig

Julius Evola

Ezra Pound

Karl Wiligut

Savitri Devi

Miguel Serrano

Matt Koehl

Heinrich Himmler (Prophet and Martyr)

Political Leaders and Martyrs:


Adolf Hitler

Eva Braun

Benito Mussolini 

Joseph Goebbels

Herman Göring

Oswald Mosley

George Lincoln Rockwell

Rudolph Hess

William Luther Pierce

Ernst Zündel


Ursula Haverbeck

Dr. David Duke

Jared Taylor

Kai Muros

Recognized Religious Leaders:

Hermès Trismegistos


Abraham (Amenemhet I)


Moses (Thutmosis III)


Solomon (Siamun)

David (Psusennes I)



Siddhartha Gautama



Jesus Christ (Issa Ptolemy)


ExtraCanonical people of interest:

Jacques De Moley

Martin Luther

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

Meister Eckart

John Dee

Edward Kelly


Count of Saint Germain

Alessandro Cagliostro

Albert Pike

Samuel L. MacGregor Mathers

Grigori Rasputin

Edgar Cayce

Aleister Crowley

Rudolph Steiner

Dion Fortune

Manly P. Hall

Gnostic doctrines of study:







Other religious texts



Tibetan Book of the Dead

Egyptian Book of the Dead


The Bible

Gnostic Texts 


December 2nd 2020

Deep in the underworld there is a persecuted minority on the fringes of society. They have created a new Mythos, and a new Religion, yet paradoxically a revival of ancient arcane Mysteries. This Religion was forged in the fires of world wars. It has its own Prophets, Saints, Martyrs, and Priesthood. Our Religion draws from all ancient and modern sources of wisdom. Our Angels and Demons are real and can be contacted, our God is beyond time and space. The arcane Secrets are an open book to us, the Akashic record is our religious text, which is transmitted without words, and the Prisca Theologia is our inheritance. We are Aryans, we practice Aryanity, we are the nucleus of the Pan-Aryan movement, the most dedicated, the most fanatical, true purists.

-OrionStarfire 13/14

Deep in the underworld there is a persecuted minority on the fringes of society. They have created a new Mythos, and a new Religion, yet paradoxically a revival of ancient arcane Mysteries. This Religion was forged in the fires of world wars. It has its own Prophets, Saints, Martyrs, and Priesthood. Our Religion draws from all ancient and modern sources of wisdom. Our Angels and Demons are real and can be contacted, our God is beyond time and space. The arcane Secrets are an open book to us, the Akashic record is our religious text, which is transmitted without words, and the Prisca Theologia is our inheritance. We are Aryans, we practice Aryanity, we are the nucleus of the Pan-Aryan movement, the most dedicated, the most fanatical, true purists.

-OrionStarfire 13/14

December 4th 2020

Proselytise my brothers, for the time is right to go out into the world and conquer the fear, ignorance and denial of our slumbering folk. In the name of truth, life, beauty and divine order, go and expose the lies of the black magickians who would see Aryan man stripped of spiritual sovereignty, and thus his ability to liberate this world. Begin the laborous task of constructing the bridge between the religious divide of our folk. 

You must know that if you have found your way here, if this message evokes zeal and passion in you, then you’re of the elect, the einharjar, the last battalion; answer the call, internalise the truth, apply it to all aspects of your life, become the embodiment of the new, unified, perfected Aryan worldview/religion. 

Your blood is a gift, this you already know, but it is a gift given primarily to aid your spirit in shining within this dark world; you’re the true light unto the nations, you’re the carriers of the sacred flame and you’re duty bound to reveal it so that all that are worthy, as well as capable, may come forward and join us in the final battle of our age. 

We are Aryans, our religion, Aryanity. 

– Astyrian 13/14

Hate them with every iota of your being, and know that her martyrdom will be vindicated. The day will come when the tribe responsible for our persecution will suffer greatly for their crimes.

Hail Saint Ursula!

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

December 9th 2020

As NatSoc/fascist/third position, and through our creed of Aryanity we recognize the Mind/Body/Soul triune. As such, we know that if one aspect of the total man is weak the rest will suffer weakness. We advocate extreme self-discipline in all things from our living habits and study habits to our spiritual practices. We endeavor to ascend ever higher in our health, knowledge, and spirituality. Our physical form is only a reflection of our psycho-spiritual form. For all those who wish to keep their bodies strong and ready for the coming fight, please join the official fitness channel of OMTO:

December 10th 2020

New OMTO propaganda hot off the presses! Screw your optics! Let racially aware whites know that it’s okay to be a “Neo-Nazi”! Heil Hitler!

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

December 14th 2020

It is unfortunate that most “Hitlerists” are so confused about Christianity, and it’s true nature originating as a Greco-Roman Pagan religion, not a Judaic spin off. They assume that the fake Judeo-Christians who acquired control over Christendom are representative of true Christianity when nothing can be further from the truth. Gnostic Christianity is the only genuine Christianity, which was violently suppressed by the worldly facsimile church of the Demiurgus. The Pagan mysteries are accurately encoded within the original Christian mythos, yet the Jewish apostate Paul, the Maladictan agent of the Demiurgus, (Yahweh/Moloch-Ba’al) is responsible for creating the oxymoron called Judeo-Christianity. This fake church drove the true church underground where it existed as a secret priesthood for centuries to periodically resurface in different forms (Bogomil, Cathari, Templari, Rosicrucis, etc.) to yet again be violently suppressed by the facsimile church of the Demiurgus. Aryanity is its next incarnation, or Avatar, the Aryan system will be revealed to the world very soon, it will burn away the dark mist of confusion within esoteric fascist circles who disrespect the Christ archetype as somehow Jewish in origins. Esoteric Hiterists who disrespect the Christ archetype, disrespect their own ancestors, and sh*t all over what Hitler and the NSDAP were actually trying to do and teach with Positive Christianity. Their lack of understanding has become a cancer that must be cut out. 

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

The weapon that will be used to cut out the cancer of ignorance that exists within the circles of Esoteric Hitlerism will be the s-word. 

There is a mystery to how the word “sword” is used in Revelation. The word “s-word” is an alagory for words as a weapon. And the word used in Greek is “Romphaia”, which is a Thracian sword. The Thracians were Aryans, not Semites, which again shows the link between Christ as an Aryan and not a Semite. Also the Greek word “nations” is “ethne” which means “race”.

“Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations.”

Revelation 19:15

This passage literally means that The Christos will return and strike down enemy races with his s-words. That he will not need weapons himself, but that his words will be his weapon. 

This is why the OMTO logo has a pen over the s-word.

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

word-s=s-word, greek: logos, latin: verbo

Aryanity will bring the eternal word of Omnis to this world of the Demiurgus once again, to be victorious over the Kali Yuga. No longer will Aryans be bound to the world of the senses and the cycles of spacetime. ENDING the Kali Yuga, means ASC-ENDING spacetime. We are the ascended masters, and know the secrets of Aryan language, masters of the s-word. A true master of the s-word needs no material weapons, for he can raise an army simply by speaking. 

The Christos will raise an army of light to defeat the Maladictans and their armies of darklings.

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

This represent the religious outlooks/Intellects of the white nationalist community only. Obviously there are not more pagans than christians. Mainstream Christian white nationalists tend to be a little grug brained in their religious outlook due to the fear tactics of exoteric (fake Christianity), whereas pagan white nationalist are slightly more sophisticated in their understanding of Aryan religion by having the courage to accept the truth that the prepackaged version of Christianity people are generally exposed to is false. But they reject Christianity all together based on this limited understanding of archetypal Aryan religion, the Prisca Theologia. The fusion of the two paths is the top of the esoteric nationalist narrative, the Prisca Theologia, Aryanity, THE Aryan religion.

December 16th 2020

In the world, yet not of it. From the heights and depths of the one we came into being, and to it we shall return via the green ray which radiates from the north; a place no fallen man may ever reach by land, air or sea. Hail those who exit triumphantly, hail those who courageously re-enter, bearing the light to set us free. 

Christ our guide and example upon the earth, the spirits of our ancestors a comfort and protection in the hearth. 

With our blood infused with the spirit of truth, we have become the agent, healer and avenger of the all. 

We know who we are now, where we come from and where we will be going, there is no authority on this earth or in heaven with power over us anymore; Aryan man embrace your freedom and declare it on the mountain tops. Let the dark ones know, the new age is indeed here, and their not so new world dis-order shall be halted, their false god chained and bound once and for all. 

Astyrian. ☩ 13/14 ࿕

The emanations, archetypes, and hierarchy chart for “THE DOCTRINE OF ARYANITY”, which will be revealed soon in full to the public. Stayed tuned.

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

Today is the much anticipated day which marks the official beginning of the “Age of Aquarius” marked by the so called “Gand Conjunction”. But not just any Grand Conjunction, the fabled “Star of Bethlehem” because this particular conjunction comes on winter solstice. The Divine, what Aryanity calls “Omnis”, speaks to us in signs. This is why “Augurs” developed a whole field of knowledge called “Mancy” for the interpretation of signs. These “Diviners” who practiced “divination” would interpret anything from patterns in the clouds (Aeromancy) to the movement of animals (Zoomancy). But no signs were ever more important to ancient mystics than celestial signs. The “star of Bethlehem“ is Jupiter “eclipsing” Saturn. Jupiter is Zeus (king of the Gods) or the high god archetype, likewise, Saturn is the evil proto-god Satanas, why the Jewish holy day is Saturday (Saturn’s day). The word “Sabbath” (Shabbat or Sabbatae) literally means “Saturn”. The location and date is highly significant happening on December 21st (winter solstice) which is the last two days of Saturnalia, and the beginning of the lead up to the feast of Sol Invictus, the victorious Sun who defeats Saturn. Last time this happened was around 800 years ago close to (slightly after) the birth of Jacobus Bergundus Molensis (Jacques De Molay) who himself was crucified in a mock crucifixion before he was burnt at the stake. Last time before that was around 6 bc after the crucifixion of Issa Caesarion. Hence the sign comes AFTER the birth just as the Julian Star came after the birth of Julius Caesar which convinced ancient Romans that he was a god, Divus Lulius. The celestial signs are significant because they signal the birth of an archetype, not necessarily a person. In ancient times the location where the constellations rose was different and the pole star was different. This is because of the “procession of the equinox” or earth wobble that completes every 26,000 years or so. This is what causes the solar ages and why the sun moves to a different spot on the ecliptic. We are now entering the new age of Aquarius, we entered the age of Pisces around the time of Christ. Ares and Taurus were before that. Each age is around 1800-2500 years. Orion’s Belt is important to understanding this. Great monuments have been erected to signify Orion’s Belt and Sirius, like the great pyramids, its like our ancestors were trying to tell us something. They knew about the procession of the equinox, so they knew that you couldn’t map celestial events with landmarks way into the future because the stars end up rising and falling in different areas relative to the horizon and wheel of the year. Once upon a time the great pyramid pointed to Sirius rising while the Sphinx faced Leo (during the age of Leo approximately 10,500 BC). Orion’s Belt also points to Sirius, which just happens to be parallel along the equator with the current conjunction. This conjunction happens in different places because of the angle and date. An ancient name for Orion’s Belt is the “Three Kings”, this name comes from Babylonian astrology before the NT. The three kings point directly to Sirius A (the Dog Star), dog is god spelt backward, coincidence? Maybe. They are also right on the equator. There are three more constellations on the equator, Aquila, Serpens, and Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is also the only sign that touches both the ecliptic and the equator and the ancients just so decided to leave out of the zodiac. There is a reason for this, they weren’t stupid. 12 is important, the duodecimal system is important. Ophiuchus is a secret 13th sign, symbolic of secret knowledge, just as the Christos is the teacher of the 12. He is the serpent wrangler who splits the serpent into two halves. Then after him on the equator is Serpens and Aquila. This is the feathered serpent in ancient Sumerian and also Mayan cosmologies. The feathered serpent is another Christ archetype.

Now the conjunction is passing through Aquarius and settles right below Aquila with Aquila’s three stars (Altair) pointing at it the way the three kings point to Sirius and on the same parallel with the equator. All this may be coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidence anymore. This is also happening in the middle of the 7 years between the two eclipses that cross right over the New Madrid zone which I predicted in 2017 was the rise of the Black Sun and 7 years of tribulation. We are witness to the “rebirth” of the Christ avatar or archetype. May the confusion of the past two millennia around the Christ archetype he burnt away like an evil mist by the light of the victorious sun! 

Hail the New Dawn!

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

Alphabetical list of Mancies and other Divination terminology (part 1):

 • Aeromancy: Divination by atmospheric conditions. The different forms of this are Austromancy, Ceraunoscopy, Chaomancy, and Meteormancy

 • Ailuromancy: Divination from cats

 • Alectryomancy: Form of augury, the divination of the eating patterns of chickens

 • Aleuromancy: Divination using slips of paper baked into dough balls, Fortune Cookies

 • Alphitomancy: Using cakes made of wheat or barley flour

 • Antinopomancy: Using the entrails of women and children

 • Arachnomancy: divination from the appearance and behavior of spiders

 • Arithomancy: Another name for numerology, or numeromancy. Belief that numbers influence our personalities and lives

 • Astragalomancy: Sortiledge using the bones of sheep

 • Astrology: Using stars and planets and signs of the zodiac

 • Augury: Divination based on the appearance and bahavior of animals.

 • Austromancy: Form of aeromancy, divination using the wind

 • Axinomancy: Divination using saws.

 • Belomancy: Divination by arrows (sortiledge)

 • Bibliomancy: Sortiledge divination from books, includes rhapsodomancy, and also called stichomancy

 • Botanomancy: Form of pyromancy- burning leaves and branches.

 • Capnomancy: Divination by smoke (pyromancy)

 • Carromancy: Using modern playing cards.

 • Catoptromancy: Mirror gazing divination

 • Catoxtromancy: Looking glasses

 • Cattabomancy: Vessels made of metal

 • Causinomancy: Objects cast into fire

 • Cephalomancy: Augury using the divination from the skull or head of a donkey or goat

 • Ceraunoscopy: Thunder and lightning (aeromancy)

 • Ceromancy: Melted Wax

 • Chaomancy: Aerial visions

 • Chartomancy: writing papers

 • Chirognomy: Palm reading, also: Chirology, chiromancy, and palmistry

 • Clairaudience: Hearing the future ahead of time

 • Clairvoyance: Seeing the future ahead of time

 • Cleidomancy: Form of radiesthesia, using a suspended key

 • Cleromancy: Another name for sortilege

 • Coscinomancy: Suspended sieve (Radiesthesia)

 • Crithomancy: Markings in freshly baked bread

 • Cromniomancy: Divination using onions

 • Crystallomancy: Scrying into a crystal ball

 • Dactylomancy: Radiesthesia using suspended ring.

 • Demonomancy: Suggestions from demons

 • Daphnomancy: burning laurel leaves

 • Dowsing: Method of divination to find lost things, or locate unknown things, under the Earth.

 • Entomomancy: Behavior and appearance of insects

 • Gastromancy: sounds of the belly

 • Geomancy: Using the earth, rocks, or sand.

 • Graphology: Determining person’s character by handwriting

 • Gyromancy: divination by rounds or circles.

 • Halomancy: Casting salt into a fire

 • Haruspicy: Divination using the entrails of animals, one form is hepatoscopy, sometimes considered part of augury.

 • Hepatoscopy: Divination using the liver.

 • Hippomancy: Divination from horses (not hippos! haha)

 • Hydromancy: Scrying into water, Pegomancy.

 • Ichthyomancy: Shape and entrails of fish

 • Idolomancy: Divination using idols, images, or figures

 • Lampadomancy: Using an oil lamp flame or torch flame

 • Lecanomancy: Using a basin of water

 • Lithomancy: Using precious stones

 • Livanomancy: Burning frankincense

 • Logarithmancy: Divination by logarithms.

 • Lychnomancy: Flames of three wax candles

 • Macharomancy: Knives and swords

 • Metagnomy: Seeing future events in a hypnotic trance.

 • Meteormancy: aeromancy, using shooting stars and meteors.

 • Metoscopy: Lines on the forehead

 • Moleoscopy: Moles on the body.

 • Molybdomancy: Molten tin or lead

 • Myomancy: Color and movement of mice

 • Necromancy: Asking the dead to answer questions.

 • Numerology: Determining personality and lives with numbers.

 • Numeromancy: Same as above

 • Oenomancy:Patterns make by wine

 • Oinomancy: Divination by wine

 • Omphilomancy: Also Omphaloskepsis, Divination by the navel

 • Oneiromancy: Using dreams

 • Onomatomancy: Using Names

 • Onychomancy: Using nails

Alphabetical list of Mancies and other Divination terminology (part 2):

Ophiomancy: Augury using color and movement of snakes

 • Ornithomancy: Flight of birds patterns

 • Palmistry: Using the palm of the hand

 • Pegomancy: Form of hydromancy using a sacred pool or spring.

 • Pessomancy: Sortilege divination by using marked pebbles drawing out of a bag or casting them, also called psephomancy

 • Phyllorhodomancy: Rose petals

 • Phrenology: bumps on the head

 • Physiognomy: Facial features

 • Podomancy: Using the feet

 • Psephomancy: Sortilege using cast or drawn pebbles

 • Precognition: inner paranormal knowledge of the future

 • Psychomancy: divination by men’s souls, affections, wills, religious or moral dispositions

 • Psychometry: about a specific person usually holding an object that was theirs

 • Pyromancy: Divination using fire

 • Pyroscopy: Burning a sheet of paper on a white surface and examining the resulting stains

 • Radiesthesia: Using a pendulum, and can be used in dowsing

 • Rhapsodomancy: Form of bibliomancy from a book of poetry

 • Roadomancy: By the stars

 • Runology: Nordic sortilege, or the use of an ancient alphabet used for divination

 • Scapulomancy: Using patterns or cracks and fissures on the burned shoulder blade of an animal

 • Sciomancy: Divination by the shadows

 • Scrying: Gazing onto a reflective surface

 • Sideromancy: Form of pyromancy in this case the divination is by casting an odd number of straws onto iron brought into red heat in a fire and reading the patterns formed by the straws, their movements, and the nature of the flames or smoke

 • Sortilege: Divination by casting or drawing of lots

 • Spatalamancy: Using skin bone or excrement

 • Stareomancy: Using the elements

 • Sternomancy: Divination using the line from the breast to the belly.

 • Stichomancy: Sortilege using books

 • Sycomancy: Using figs

 • Tasseography: Using tea leaves

 • Tephromancy: Patterns formed in the ashes of burnt offerings left to the Gods

 • Theomancy: Divining by the revelation of the words of God

 • Theriomancy: By beasts

 • Tuphramancy: By ashes

 • Tyromancy: Divination from cheese

 • Zoomancy: Augury using the appearance and behavior of any animal

December 22nd 2020

This is the official canon of Aryan saints, as well as other people/doctrines of note being released by OMTO with the prose very soon. Some of the people and doctrines of note are NOT to be revered but to be studied by the student of Aryanity to gain a more complete understanding of the forbidden history and the Prisca Theologia. This list will likely grow and transform as THE Aryan religion is still in its formative and transformative phases. Our Saints and martyrs live and suffer now under the persecutions of the (((evil empire))).

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

Remember, you must die!

If you feel that your life has a higher purpose don’t wait to fulfill your destiny or you won’t make your mark on this world. Do not waste your limited time on trivialities. Make every moment count so when you are experiencing your last moments you will die knowing that you fulfilled your purpose. Meet your next life in a world made better because of your own soul’s accomplishments in the last.

Momento Mori  ϟ ☠ ϟ

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

I want to make the “Nazi Challenge” go viral.

The “Nazi Challenge” will be for white normies to go and sit down with an educated National Socialist with at least 10 years in the movement. The idea will be to set an entire day aside to sit down with some coffee and maybe lunch and just listen to what they have to say without much interjection. If they aren’t also considering becoming a “Nazi” by the end of the day, then they pass the challenge. Bullets points to be covered will be:

* The Babylonian Talmud

* Usury and banking 

* Balfour declaration

* World War Two

* The Holohoax 

* Zionism and Israel 

* 9/11 and “Greater Israel”

* The Kalergi Plan

* Cultural-Marxism

* The Frankfurt School

* Demographic Genocide 

* Aryan Religion

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

Merry Christmas, Yule, etc. (part 1 of 2)

Today is a day that has been observed by Aryans since time immemorial. The feast day on the last day of the winter solstice has been a tradition that spans the entire history of Aryan civilization under different names. In Ancient Rome it was the feast of Sol Invictus, where the invincible sun defeats the influence of Saturn on the last day of Saturnalia. Saturnalia was time of debauchery and hedonism practiced by the cult of Saturn which was tolerated by the College of Pontiffs, but unfortunately spread through Rome like a cancer just as degeneracy spreads through western society today. In Greece this day was associated with Helios and Apollo. The Greeks also observed the worship of Mithra, whose ancient mysteries were imparted to them by the Persian Aryans. The December 25th tradition stems from the astronomical event that signals the day that the sun god returns from his three days in the underworld starting on the winter solstice where the sun has a three day hiatus at its lowest point. From the 25th on, the days gradually get longer and warmer until the summer solstice. The 25th was deemed by the ancients as the rebirth of the sun god. In ancient Egypt this archetype was reflected in the story of Horus being victorious over Set (Saturn i.e. Satan). These ancient Aryan archetypal representations of astronomical events stem from the Proto-Aryan culture of Atlantis and this ancient theology, the Prisca Theologia, is encoded within the gospel scriptures. They exists as an example of the ancient war against our eternal enemies who founded the cult of Saturn, which continues today in the form of Judaism. There is a reason their Sabbath day is on Saturday (Saturn’s day), in fact the very word “Sabbath” or “Shabbat” translated literally as “Saturn”. Likewise, there is a reason that the Christian day of worship is on Sunday (Sun’s day). This ancient saturnine death cult that we call Talmudic Judaism is not real “Judaism” at all but the continuation of an ancient Babylonian cult centered around Ba’al, (Lord) also known as Marduk who is the Babylonian version of the Canaanite god Moloch, the god of child sacrifice. The Edomite Jews later began using the Hebrew term “Yahweh”, which simply means “lord”, just as “Elohim” and “Yahweh Elohim” were terms for “gods” (plural) and “lord of the gods” respectively. These terms were generic terms just as “God” is our modern generic term, though not God’s actual name. After the Babylonian exile the texts that make up what we call the Old Testament were redacted by the people who call themselves Jews today to seem as if it reflected the linear progression of their history, but this is a lie. They are an ancient accursed tribe of demoniacs who sold their bloodline in perpetuity to the demiurge and later assumed the identity of the Hebrews (Habiru), thus outwardly appropriating their Egyptian histories, while their Rabbis perpetuated the demonic cult of their ancestry. Their most recent avatar was in the man named Sabbatae Zevi, who proclaimed he was the long awaited Jewish massiah. His name “Sabbatae” translated literary as “Saturn”, his name proclaimed that he was the literal incarnation of the god Saturn, who Christians call Satan. His doctrine was known as “redemption through sin” and he advocated his followers practice the most abhorrent sins to hasten the “end of days”, including but not limited to child sacrifice, blood drinking, cannibalism, incestuous orgies, child rape, etc. This cult still exists today behind the scenes as the successors of the Frankist movement who infiltrated the various Masonic lodges, banking institutions, the media, world governments, and even the Vatican.

Merry Christmas, Yule, etc. (part 2 of 2)

Today is a very special day, and not simply because it is the festival of the sun god’s victory over the evil Saturn. Today is the day that the Aryan Sun religion is reborn in the form of Aryanity. The doctrine of Aryanity is revealed this 25th day of December, 2020 Anno Domini. For my 42nd birthday I am giving my people a Christmas gift, I give the Doctrine of Aryanity for free like all of my work and unconditionally, but I ask my readers to continue to share the Doctrine of Aryanity and the Forbidden History with their racially aware friends and family if you feel so moved. May it provide Aryans with the solidarity we need to unite our people under a single great religion. Verily it will be the first truly Pan-Aryan religion since the Prisca Theologia was revealed to our prehistoric ancestors. There have been many valiant attempts at creating an Aryan religion, but they have all failed because they were missing the crucial elements that can only be understood by looking at Pan-Aryan culture through a perennial lens, hence they either reject Paganism or Christianity, remaining enslaved to the false dichotomy. May the Doctrine of Aryanity guide our people toward victory against our ancient enemies the synagogue of Satan. 

Hail the New Dawn!

Hail Victory 


Rouen cathedral light show honored the roots of Normandy by projecting Norse runes onto the cathedral. This is Aryanity, respect and honor your ancestors. ALL OF THEM!

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

December 29th 2020

Aryanity Q&A:

How is Aryanity different from Ariosophy and Aryanism?

Aryanity is both different and similar to Ariosphy and Aryanism. Just as philosophy is different and similar to religion. Both are based on belief, yet philosophy is the critique and investigation of the basis for belief, religion is the actuation of those beliefs. Ariosophy (the philosophy of the Aryans) has already establish the validity of Aryanism, Aryanity has established it as a concrete and actionable religion with practical dogma and doctrine. It is still developing as its martyrs and saints are recently passed, alive now, or soon to be born. Aryanity also makes older expressions of Aryan religion obsolete, unifying the archetypes of both Pagan and Christian religion, and bringing ALL Aryans toward a complete understanding of our forbidden history and our forbidden destiny!

The New Dawn is here!

Hail the New Day!

Hail the Black Sun!

Our race is our religion!


-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

December 30th 2020

Diagram of the Sieg Rune, inspired by Miguel Serrano, with additions and annotations:

Above and below are the three alchemical primes of sulfur, salt, and mercury (soul/father, body/mother, and mind/son). The 7 energy vortices correspond with the 9 planetary bodies. The crown vortex being both a planet and an element (Mercury) because it is the cerebral cortex where consciousness is processed. The other 6 vortices are polar with each pole having its polar opposite when the polarity is changed. At the Perineum it is male and female, when the third eye is open the sun rules over Saturn. Jupiter rules over the heart always. The other energy points correspond with the 12 signs of the zodiac. The feet connect our energy to the world soul or Animus Mundi, hand reaching out past the Taurus field interacts with the universal lattice. The solute projects energy, particularly the index and middle finger, the median nerve connecting to the bridge plexus. Utilized in ceremonial Magick rituals in place of a wand, athame, or sword. The last symbol is the symbol for the secret 13th sign of Ophiuchus, it exist beyond the field and is symbolic of the Aether.

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

January 1st 2021

Happy New Year…btw…the earth is hollow.

January 5th 2020

Aryanity/OMTO Q&A

Is Aryanity “Neo-Naziism”?

Short answer, No. Although we respect the true historical Hitler and National Socialism we are not “Neo-Nazis”. We see this movement as paving the way for us, though we differ in our direction and scope. First, we are not strictly Germanicists or Nordicists. We are “Pan-Aryan” and “Aryan Monarchists” politically. Though we see the National Socialist and Fascist platform as aligning with our own economically, our form of governance would be different in the hypothetical Pan-Aryan Imperium we advocate for. We wish to create new Aristocratic bloodlines through eugenics programs under the tutelage of our Order (OMTO). 

Does Aryanity advocate for White Nationalism? 

Yes and No, we advocate for White Nationalism as a means to an end. We compel all “White” nations to fight for their own solidarity and purity, though we also advocate for an “Occidental Union” whereby we hope to create the first “Pan-Aryan Imperium”. The genetic and cultural differences between a Nord and a Med are insignificant compared to our differences with other races and our history is inexorably interwoven. We see all Western Aryans as members of the “White” race and as such we all share the same racial destiny regardless of ethnicity or language. Likewise, we see our unity as One Race and One Religion as essential in producing circumstances that will lead to the survival of our race. 

What level of purity is required to be an Aryan and to practice THE Aryan religion, Aryanity?

We don’t accept anyone with ANY amount of Jewish admixture in their family history. This is the only lineage we apply the “one drop rule” to, because we feel one drop poisons the well. We believe the Maladictans (Jews) to be truly evil on a metaphysical level, and this is transmitted in the blood, because they have a “blood curse” that cannot be bred out, even to the 10th generation. Though we see it as unrealistic and unfair to reject those white nationalists who are four generations removed from a purely non-white ancestor (around 6%), because we feel the noble characteristics of Aryan blood trump the ignoble characteristics of non Aryan blood at this generation as long no physical trace remains. Though Aryans with any trace of non-Aryan ancestry cannot be a part of any Eugenics programs. 

Learn more at:


-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

January 7th 2020

卐 Ashli Babbit 卐 

May she RIP knowing that one day soon the (((people))) responsible for her death will meet their own.

Two chapters were added today to the doctrine of Aryanity under Part Four (Christology):

(Part 1)

Magnus Duce (The Great One Adolf Hitler) 

Within the Doctrine of Aryanity special mention must be made of who we know as the Great One, Adolf Hitler, and his work to create his “Third Reich”. Adolf Hitler was a great man, possibly the greatest man to grace this earth with his presence since the last incarnation of the Christos. His ideas, work, and martyrdom have spawned a world-wide underground movement of ardent believers and admirers. He has even achieved status as a cult hero amongst Heathens, Esoteric Hitlerists, and racialist Christians alike. One may find evidence to support both that Hitler was a Christian and that he also had Pagan sympathies, truth is that he was an occultist who recognized the truth of Aryan religion, the Prisca Theologia. Those of us Aryans who practice the religion of Aryanity recognize him as a martyr and saint, though we do not recognize him as a Christ archetype, nor as the Great Kalki. We Aryans recognize him as the great leader who paved the way for the appearance of the next incarnation of the Christos in human form. Yet he was one of many great Aryan men and women who helped to define Aryanism, which has now culminated in the form of Aryanity. As Aryans we must always strive to adapt to the ever-fluxing challenges of this world and shed the yoke of outmoded methods toward achieving our ultimate goal of total Aryan sovereignty, while also being careful not to dispose of the wheat with the chaff. Aryanity aligns very closely with Esoteric Hitlerism, though we draw from every Aryan tradition and the work of many Aryan saints, both ancient and contemporary, including those who came after the Great One, Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler sought to secure the future of his beloved Germany, and envisioned the Third Reich in succession of the Holy Roman, and German Empires. Aryanity also envisions a Third Empire, though we have expanded upon this vision to indicate the succession of the Old Roman empire of Sol Invictus, and Holy Roman empire of Christ Jesus, with a third and final Pan-Aryan Imperium which will unify all of the Occident as a united Aryan Empire, under the next Christ archetype, Christos Lucifer. We foresee this as the natural conclusion of the evolutionary destiny of Aryan civilization, not a collection of nationalist states, but an empire ruled by a newly revived Aryan aristocracy, where all Aryans regardless of nationality or class are united in our racial destiny against the Demiurgus and his agents, the Maledictans.

Two chapters were added today to the doctrine of Aryanity under Part Four (Christology):

(Part 2)

Tertium Imperium (The Third Empire)

It was in diaspora that the Aryan people discovered our true identity during the colonial period, and it is from these colonial countries that the Western Aryan Imperium must rise. As our colonial ancestors explored the world spreading our great people to the four corners of the earth we began to realize that cultural and genetic differences between the various “White” ethnicities were insignificant in contrast to the magnificent differences between Whites and non-Whites. The great history of our people spans thousands of years on every continent, and is inexorably intertwined. Those of Germanic and Slavic descent have just as much right to claim ancient Rome as their cultural heritage as those of Mediterranean descent, and even further back the cultural heritage of all White Aryans descends from Ancient Greece, Sumer, Persia, India, and Egypt, then on to ancient Atlantis and Hyperborea. It is our destiny to reclaim our birthright not only to our ancestral lands, but also to our sovereignty as a single unified people. This will not happen until all White Aryans unite under a single religion, Aryanity. As Europa is invaded by hordes of darkling we must end the religious infighting and our racially aware folk must accept and embrace a single creed that puts our racial survival above any universal or humanistic notions of previous false religions. Likewise, we cannot attempt to revive regional dead religions which exclude any ethnicity of the greater Aryan people. Our evolution into this great form is an expression of the will of Omnis and our own souls, to deny it as a reality is pathological and an abomination. Therefor we must throw off the yolk of both universalist and regional politics and religion to embrace pan-Aryan racialistic religion and politics. The Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Celtic, Alpine, Dinaric, and Romanic western White Aryan peoples must unify under a single banner, for truly we are one people. Our race is our nation, our race must be our religion, and no archetype can unify us like the Christ archetype for he has come and been expressed in every ancient Aryan cultural mythos. We must turn to him with proper understanding of his nature if we are to unify our people.

January 8th 2020

I hope getting thrown under the bus by their ZOG puppet Trump, disillusions the cuckservatives. They need to chew on a giant black pill. NO POLITICAL SOLUTION!!!

Hail Omnis!
Our ancestors cousins made it to the the Americas and even as far as New Zealand and Easter Island. DNA doesn’t lie. Nearly 50% of Algonquin men have a Y Chromosome that descends from the root R Haplogroup going back to the Upper Paleolithic, proving beyond a shadow of the doubt the Solutrean Hypothesis, and the theories of Aryanity, the Forbidden History. The Aryan Phenotype existed as far south as the Inca civilization and as Far East as the ancient Japanese Ainu. These populations are now highly admixed but at one time their ancestors were as white as snow. 

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕
OMTO/Aryanity Q&A:

Are members of OMTO National Socialists?

Short answer, no, we are practicing Aryans. strictly speaking most people who call themselves National Socialists divert in some way from the original platform of the NSDAP and many more we feel would be disavowed by Hitler if he were alive today. Though we draw heavily from this ideology we prefer the term “Aryan Third Position”. We feel that Aryanity, is both a religion and a political platform as all religions should be. We feel that National Socialism and Aryanism paved the way for Aryanity, and we are the natural consequence of these Ideologies. We feel that if the Third Reich was allowed to flourish and mature it would have resulted in the Pan-Aryan Imperium that we prophecy. In the alternate timeline, Hitler’s bloodline and the bloodlines of the ᛋᛋ would have become the New Aryan Aristocracy. Classic Christianity would have morphed into the “Heretical” Positive Christianity replacing Judeo-Christianity, thus allowing it to merged with Occult Paganism via Gnosticism, and thus Aryanity would have been born on this alternate timeline. Though it seems we live in the timeline where the defeat of the Third Reich was necessary to seed National Socialist and Aryan Occult ideas via underground channels throughout the Occident, which has allowed for the creation of Aryanity in this timeline. Watered with the blood of a million martyrs from before, during, and after WW2, our roots have become strong, and will one day undermine the foundations of this world of lies. The new tree of life has sprouted again in spite of its early pruning. This time it can’t be cut down by even a hundred nations.

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

January 9th 2020

On the poison of secularism:

National Socialism, like any political philosophy of the 20th century was influenced by the milieu of secularism. As practicing Aryans we must throw off the yolk of secularism and embrace Aryan Theocracy and Monarchism. The fallacy of secularism seeded by the “enlightenment” era illuminists proclaimed that religion and politics should remain separate, thus separation of church and state was born. Never has a poison wrought so much damage on Western Civilization as this notion, and what a ridiculous notion it is, to believe that this is even possible. People’s core beliefs are rooted in religion, and everything that stems from this including political actions cannot be so easily separated. Secularism simply creates unnecessary division within a civilization and unnecessary doubt amongst average citizens. Monolithic civilizations with a single religion and united polity are ALWAYS the most successful going back to ancient times. Theocracy is only undermined by internal corruption and division within these systems. The corruption within the Catholic Church is well known, and perhaps secularism was the natural product of this corruption but secularism was a symptom of the disease, not the cure. The cure is a new Theocracy/Monarchy purified of corruption and ignorance, the Third Imperium! Western Aryans need something to believe in once again to unite us as a single people, a new religion, a new clerical order, and a new aristocracy (prefix “ari” meaning “noble”) ARYANITY!

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

January 13th 2020

On Eugenics, Euthanasia, Genetic Engineering, and Abortion:

Part 1:

(The logical take, i.e. the “third position” between the Christian fundamentalist position and the Liberal degenerate position.) 

Who in their right mind would deny that civilizations with the highest intellects are the most advanced. People who are unintelligent are more often than not, dead weight on a civilization and actually cost resources to support. Intelligence or lack there of is hereditary, thus this drain on civilization can be controlled by selecting this “gifted” trait. Only in rare cases does a mutant intellect come from average or stupid parents, intellect is genetic. Humans used to be subject to the laws of natural selection, where only the strongest and most clever survived to adulthood to have children. Yet modern civilization has allowed for defects in our gene pool to spread. Humankind of all races are devolving and becoming genetically ill due to modern medical technology, and the way our civilization is structured, which allows the underman to survive to adulthood. And what is worse is that the weak, stupid, and defective tend to outbreed the intelligent because their lives are subsidized by the welfare state. 

Average citizens have been led to believe that eugenics is evil or inhumane, but eugenics is actually one of the most humane practices imaginable. Euthanasia and abortion on the other hand have a fine line, and aren’t necessary facets of eugenics. Eugenics can be practiced without euthanasia or abortion with the proper social fabric in place. A genetic utopia could theoretically be created by a society relying on breeding license or sterilization to create the necessary gene pool. But truly, euthanasia and anortion also has its place in a rational society. Critics maintain that a person should be kept alive even if it’s obvious they can never live a happy or productive life, due to either their own emotional attachments, false religious notions, or inability to think logically about life and death. We don’t even treat animals with such cruelty, lack of mercy equates to cruelty when we can end suffering and choose not to. We euthanize our beloved pets when they are suffering a terminal illness yet expect our human loved ones to suffer needlessly. Justifiable euthanasia is referring to extreme cases where no hope exists other than constant vegetative status, terminal illness, extreme retardation, and freakish genetic defects that can only result in a perpetual state of amplified suffering. Though the critics of this practice would rather keep someone who is brain dead, or terminally ill alive until not even life support machines will keep them suffering needlessly in this world. 

Likewise, abortion should be a choice when it is certain that the fetus has no hope of even a happy childhood due to genetic defects or disease, when the pregnancy will kill the mother, or in cases of rape. A person’s genetics is their property, rape forces that person to make a genetic mixture against the will of the victim. This limited choice should not be confused with unlimited abortion advocacy or endorsement, simply that it should be a choice in these limited instances. Pregnancy that results from promiscuity or any normal circumstances should never be an option and the responsibility falls upon the parents, or the parents of child pregnancy, no matter their age, lack of stability, or the complications a pregnancy has on future plans. Plans change, thus the paradox of the universal content, that there is no constant.

But there is nothing saying someone should have the right to breed if they don’t have the mental capacity to 1: raise a good human, 2: make a good human. We now have the technology to determine if two parents are compatible genetically and if their breeding would or might result in a negative outcome.

On Eugenics, Euthanasia, Genetic Engineering, and Abortion:

Part 2:

(The logical take, i.e. the “third position” between the Christian fundamentalist position and the Liberal degenerate position.) 

We are on the cusp of being able to engineer pregnancies that allow us to control whether a child is born defective or not. Should we? Is this “playing god”, or is “god” actually the Demiurge? Does the real God wish for us to suffer on this earth? Or make it into a utopia? Is this even possible, or will this always be the “Devil’s world”? The drive of evolution and ever more advanced forms seems to negate this notion, that humankind is destined to become something we can’t even imagine, something “godlike” even. And Aryans being the greatest example of the evolutionary process should be the first to take control of it. Mistakes will most definitely be made in the pursuit of knowledge, but humankind’s drive to acquire knowledge may very well be driven by what we call “God”. One thing that is certain is that limiting people from breeding that will bring a child into the world who is predisposed to suffering, stupidity, and being a drain on society is the most logical thing we can do. Euthanizing unintelligent people is inhumane yes, but not allowing them to breed is not. Most people would agree that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, but they don’t realize the living is the few the many are all future generations. Their needs are to have a healthy society, not one plagued by disease and idiocy. 

Until Aryans are in a position to create this utopian vision, we can all do our part to bring it to fruition by choosing our partners wisely. Especially those of us blessed with “gifts”. Do not allow your superior genes to be diluted in our current degenerate gene pool. Be exclusive like your ancestors were. Create the new Aryan Aristocracy. 

End Idiocracy, End Dumbocracy, Embrace Aryan Theocracy, Embrace Aryanity!

OMTO, we say what other people are scared to say. Raw and undiluted truth.

January 15th 2020

‘We are entering the next level of persecutions, but it’s ok. This is all supposed to happen brother(s). All it will do is strengthen the resolve of those who are already in the right level. And it will also disillusion people who still believe in the system, thus radicalizing some and the others will lay over. Most of the Qtard types would never have been radicalized anyway because they are cowards and idiots. We don’t need normie cons or maga types. Our movement is already legion. It’s just so disunited and factional. What Aryanity offers is an end to this brother war inside racially aware circles. If we were simply united and organized under a single banner we would be unstoppable. But people want to continue with the bullshit infighting as if our very survival doesn’t depend on racially aware people uniting. The hand must make a fist to put up a fight. People who engage in infighting because of egos or wanting to be the next Hitler are an enemy of our people. We don’t need another Hitler or politicians. We need the Christ and Aryanity, his army of light. With Aryanity we will bring die hard pagans to an understanding of Christ and the Logos. Likewise we will bring uneducated christians to the same understanding that they lack.


People have to follow it blindly and without question for it to work. In this instance reason will get in the way. Pragmatism sometimes means letting go of reasonable doubt.’ 

– Orion Starfire 

Truth is emergent.

How ironic is a (((satanic))) Nazi? Satanists that lurk our movement must be shunned for their ignorance, either into oblivion or into the light. Satanism is a Jewish psy op. Real Satanists are none other than the Jews themselves. They are the Synagogue of Satan. How fitting it is that the Jew Anton LaVey popularized modern Satanism, and how fitting it is that they use it to mislead our people. For they are of their father the Devil, the Father of Lies. The Demiurgus.
January 18th 2020

Hope everyone had a happy James Earl Ray day. The day to remember that the most important icon of the “civil rights” movement was a degenerate Marxist puppet (MLK). How fitting that this grifter, plagiarist, sexual deviant, and communist became an icon of blacks. One of the first of many thug degenerates to be idolized by this race of monsters and the traitorous whites who bend the knee.

January 19th 2020

Aryanity is the answer to the very large problem of religious infighting in the “movement”. It is the answer to unifying our racially aware folk. The answer to the false dichotomy of Pagan vs Christian. Indeed, the answer to our very survival, if you are willing to fight your preconceived notions to accept it. It explains with perfect accuracy how Aryan religion became corrupted, how Christ is actually a Aryan Pagan archetype, & not just any archetype, but the ultimate archetype that binds Pan-Aryan culture together. Aryanity explains with perfect accuracy the Mysterium Tremendum, the Arcanum Arcanorum, & the Prisca Theologia. Aryanity is the light in this world of darkness, & this special gift is for Aryans only, we will never proselytize THE Aryan religion to non-Aryans. For we are the standard bearers of human evolution, the true chosen race. 

We know how monumental our claims are, read to understand why we are so confident, then share.

As of yet no one has designed a flag for the White Aryan people as a whole. Today that has changed. Our Race Is Our Nation!

Take the pledge. 

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

The USA is NOT a nation, it is a corrupt corporation, and white people are losing their faith in it, and rightly so. A nation is a people, not a place, and surly not an occupational government. Our American audience needs to realize that the USA is corrupt to the core and always was. It’s time to abandon the desperate clinging to this Americana aesthetic and ideal by “American Nationalists”. Your “nation” was founded by Masonic Illuminists working for Jewish bankers and they were traitors. Truth hurts sometimes, but this is factually correct. The America you thought you had never existed except in propaganda. The only lasting good that has come from America is that it taught us who we were as a race. And the only good that came from the Trump presidency is it taught (some of) us that there is no political solution. White people living in the USA need to realize that you are NOT “Americans” you are White Aryans! Your race is your nation. ORION!

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

January 22nd 2020

The “Thieves Grip” part one:

The handshake of trust amongst the Templars. Used in the Middle Ages to check for daggers commonly hidden under one’s sleeve.

As Occidental Templars we trust our brothers fully. We all take oaths to never reveal the arcane secrets of our order upon pain of eternal damnation in the ninth circle, also known as the ninth realm, or Helheim. This is a special hell for traitors, the worst of all hells. 

Why did our ancestors reserve the worst of all hells for traitors? Why not child murderers? Because a cowardly traitor can kill a child before they can even be conceived, for they jeopardize our very survival as a race.

Literally nothing is worse than being a race traitor, not even a child predator shares the ninth circle with the traitor. These last few generations threaten to overpopulate the ninth circle.

The “Thieves Grip” part two:

If you are a member of the military, or law enforcement, you may want to consider the statements about the ninth circle. You can’t make the excuse, “I joined before all of this” or “I’m just following orders”.

All whites who counter signal “white supremacy” are TRAITORS!

All white intelligence agents are TRAITORS!

All white politicians are TRAITORS!

And you can’t work in (((their))) system covertly without engaging in traitorous activity that undermines the future of white children, unless you fully intend to damage it beyond repair.

Any white police or military who just follow orders and don’t do their duty to protect their people are…


No amount of being brainwashed will absolve them. Only turning away from betraying your race will. 

Ignorance is no excuse.

January 23rd 2020

Come home White man

January 24th 2020

The age of Aquarius will see the truth poured out onto the world. The false dichotomy between the left and the right, between Christian and pagan shall be brought to an end.

The world isn’t better off with any one new priminsister, president or dictator. The world isn’t better off with any new socio-economic policy. The world isn’t better off with any union, be it international or global. The world isn’t better off with a vaccine or any number of totalitarian lockdown laws. The world needs a reset as they keep saying, that much is true. However, the reset that we need is so total, so penetrating and destructive, hardly anyone will want it. Only the elect of Allfather Omnis welcome the chastisement and purification that will see a total war sweep across the world to put an end to liberal democracy, capitalism, communism, the synagogue of Satan, the usurper Roman/orthodox/protestant churches, universalist pagan religions, race mixing, globalism, multiculturalism, moral degeneracy, atheism, materialism and all other forms of confusion/corruption. 

The solution is war carried fourth by a zealous army of warrior-priests, not a new political party or truth campaign. We will not be asking for permission or explaining ourselves anymore. We will not give quarter or show mercy to any individual or group. Lightning strikes twice, and this time is the last. Aryan man stand up and be counted, make your final preparations, make your peace with loved one’s; be ready to charge forward from the trenches of our obscurity and silence when the whistle sounds. 

Astyrian 13/14.

The Templar Ideal:

As brothers in Omnis who have rejected the Demiurge and embraced the True Christ. 

We have dedicated our lives to our brothers, with the goal of saving our people from extinction. Thus we accept our calling as warrior priests.

We train to fight the ever present fourth generation war, and we enjoy the fruits of our spiritual discipline living without doubt in our purpose and that we are fulfilling our destiny. 

We do not squander our time in this life on trivial pursuits, always mindful of our charge as warriors. We prepare our bodies with strict physical discipline, we eat meat we ourselves killed, and enjoy produce that we ourselves grew, we develop skill sets that have a survival purpose. 

We prefer nature to concrete and walls, we prefer solitude, fasting, and prayer to parties and promiscuity, we prefer chess to video games, we prefer weight/combat training to sportsball/bread and circuses. We embody the gentleman archetype and reject fake masculinity.

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

January 25th 2020

This is a public discussion group for the ideas presented in the Forbidden History and the Doctrine of Aryanity. Any non-Jewish White Aryan men or women from any religious background can join to discuss this topic and learn how to become a practicing Aryan. This group will be heavily moderated, so please don’t join if you are inclined toward pointless debate, argument for argument’s sake, or just want to defend one side or the other of the false dichotomy. This group is for people who wish to learn the new way forward. Joining the Church of Aryanity discussion group does not imply membership in OMTO. 

Hail Omnis and Hail the New Day!

The glory of Pagan Rome became the glory of Christian Rome. The Catholic Church is descended directly from the College of Pontiffs; to this day the Pope is called Pontifex Maximus, the high priest of Sol Invictus, the bight, shining sun god, and the light bearer. Today the Catholic Church as an institution is a hollow soulless husk devoid of the spirit of Rome who gave it life. At one time the Catholic Theocracy united the majority of Europa, enough so to fight off multiple foreign invasions. We must revive this Aryan Theocracy in its new incarnation. Europe was not great because it was Christian or Pagan, it was great because it was ARYAN. Whatever aesthetic or modality we use to express our spirit will be great regardless of what title we give it. We must let the blood of our ancestors guide us, ALL OF THEM, and lead the Occident toward victory over our enemies. We will chase them back to the deserts, jungles, and synagogues from whence they came, but this will only happen with a united race. ORION/ORIOR

January 28th 2020

“Just as in our daily life the so-called man of genius needs a particular occasion, and sometimes indeed a special stimulus, to bring his genius to light, so too in the life of the peoples the race that has genius in it needs the occasion and stimulus to bring that genius to expression. 

In the monotony and routine of everyday life even persons of significance seem just like the others and do not rise beyond the average level of their fellow-men. 

But as soon as such men find themselves in a special situation which disconcerts and unbalances the others, the humble person of apparently common qualities reveals traits of genius. 

A special impulse is almost always necessary to bring a man of genius into the foreground. The sledge-hammer of Fate which strikes down the one so easily suddenly finds the counter-impact of steel when it strikes at the other.”

– Adolf Hitler

(Mein Kampf: Volume I, Chapter XI)

This era is preparing its geniuses NOW!

For those of you stuck in the “anti-zionist” mentality:

The ZOG is not some monolithic all powerful political entity. Zionism is only one side of the coin. On the other side is Marxism. Both sides work in unison, taking turns to destabilize and consolidate. The political theater we witness in the west is a choreographed fight between two supposed opposing teams masquerading under assumed names. People who think this fight is actually real have the intellects of those that think “professional wrestling” is real. This dog and pony show we call politics in the west simply provides the illusion of choice to weak minds and a “team” to root for. It’s all just bread and circuses to keep the “citizens”from revolting. But even some white nationalist don’t have it quite figured out. There is no political solution. Voting won’t fix things.

-OrionStarfire ☩13/14࿕

Frenemies MOG and ZOG

January 29th 2020

Aryanity Q&A:

What form of government does Aryanity and OMTO promote?

(Part 1)

Aryanity and it’s inner circle (OMTO) have exposed a flaw in the political compass by accepting a political ideology that unifies, in theory, a form of governance (Theocracy) and an economic theory (Socialism) that exist on opposite sides of the political compass. People assume that these two antipodes on the political compass are contradictory but they are not. This misconception arises from the precedent set by the Catholic Theocracy which allowed widespread abuse of the peasantry by monarchy and never took a strong stance of public ownership of land or industry. The extreme authoritarian religious “right” CAN be united with the extreme economic “left” without any contradiction, under this new religion named Aryanity. 

Many examples of Religious Socialism exist historically that provide precedent for a working Socialist socio-economic theory under a Theocratic state. Aryanity is an all encompassing neo-Monarchists and Theocratic Socialists ideology that is the fulfillment of “hard right” political movements such as National Socialism and Fascism, which themselves defended the traditional values rooted in western religion, yet at the time of their popularity refrained from taking a concrete position on established religion due to the commonly held position that such institutions either need to be reformed or completely replaced. Those of us who have studied this history in depth have realized that these ideologies were seeded by and further resulted in a new religious movement called interchangeably either Aryanism or Esoteric Nationalism. Aryanity is the fulfillment of this largely clandestine religio-political  movement. Members of the Church of Aryanity, who we call “practicing Aryans”, believe that Aryan Theocratic Socialism would have been the ultimate resulting form of governance in an alternate timeline, if the Axis were to have won World War II. We have determined this through profound study and contemplation, following the direction the Third Reich was headed politically and intellectually through to its logical conclusion. 

Within Castle Welwesburg, Himmler and the SS began to form this new Aryan religion based off of the occult mysteries discovered and developed by a loose network of speculative and clandestine secret societies during the later half of the 19th and earth 20th centuries that descended all the way back to the Order of the Knights Templar and even further into history. One aspect of this fledgling religion being developed by Himmler and the SS was also a plan to form a new Aryan Aristocracy, a very selective society of breeding comprised by only the finest families of great intellectual and physical traits that would be subservient to the new Aryan religious authority within the Reich. This aristocracy would have come to control the territory of the Third Reich under National Socialism eventually transforming the Third Reich into a quasi-imperialist, neo-Monarchist state of hereditary ruling families descended from this society of breeding. With the power the Reich would have gained after winning the war, racialism would have taken stronger root throughout the Occident, and the Jew would have been rooted out permanently from their current positions of almost absolute power. Eventually these other states in the Occident would have been brought into a great new Aryan Imperium that was prophesied to last a thousand years. 

Continue to part 2…

Aryanity Q&A:

What form of government does Aryanity and OMTO promote?

(Part 2)

But alas, this dream of a sovereign Aryan society, ruled by our best minds, and free from Jewish parasitism was cut short as it sprouted from the blood drench soil of Europa. Does this mean the prophecy of the thousand year Reich was a false prophecy? Though this great dream was cut short as a sapling its roots already ran far deeper than many realized and continued to grow underground unbeknownst to many, spreading throughout the Occident  and spouting now throughout the world as “Neo-Naziism”. Aryanity does not reject National Socialism or Fascism, yet these ideologies are considered by us a means to an end that were appropriate for the time period, but were cut short due to the overwhelming atrocities committed by the Jews and their goyim slaves army during the Second World War. It seems that it was necessary for the Germans and Hitler to be martyred so that Aryanism could spread through underground channels as a persecuted religion where its roots grew stronger. Even as whites were persecuted and disenfranchised in our own lands these roots are now strong enough to  undermine the edifice of our Jewish overlords and have sprouted up in many different forms, yet this “movement” is so spread out and disunited do to factionalism and religious infighting that a collective strategy for survival has not yet been reached.

National Socialism and Fascism were prototype ideologies that were attempting to respond to the particular circumstances of the day in the particular regions they were applied. With slight variation National Socialism can be applied successfully in any nation, though we see a collection of separate national socialist nations contrary to our racial destiny as a single unified Aryan nation. A nation is a people not a place, and the white Aryan people are ONE PEOPLE in spite of superficial language barriers and cultural nuance. Furthermore, these ideologies as they were in the 20th century have little chance of being revived as political platforms in the occupied nations of the west in the new era. As Aryans are pushed toward the brink of extinction due to our inability as a race to unite against our ancient enemies what racially aware people exist waste their precious little time infighting. We need more than just a political movement to unite our racially aware folk, we need our Deus ex Machina, we need true divine intervention. Aryanity is this intervention. Aryans need something to believe in again, something real, uncorrupted, and incorruptible, that believers are willing to be martyred for. As a race we must be willing to do anything to survive extinction, which include abandoning obsolete dead institutions that no longer serve their purpose and are counterproductive to our survival as a race, due to pathological altruism, universalism, or their ability to cause infighting. We must not waste our precious little time attempting to  revive dead religions, or failed political movements, but the resurrection of our very racial spirit in the form of a new religion to fill the void left by the obsolete and hollow institutions now corrupted and occupied by enemies and traitors. Aryanity is this new religion and the fulfillment of Aryanism which is destined to unite our racially aware folk under a single monolithic religion that will provide the solidarity we need as a race to fight for our children’s futures. 

Continued from part 1…

Come, gather ye descendants of the sons of Omnis, ye noble in spirit. Take up thy cross, take up thy sword, take up thy scales and go foward into the world declaring the truth, the life and the way. Our guardian, the Archangel Michael is with us! Woe to those who clench their fists and stand in our way. The evil one and his blasphemous temple on earth are trodden asunder, judged and chained once and for all. 


February 1st 2020

Aryanity FAQ 

Concerning the claims of Christian Identity used to back up the Adamic race theory (Adamites were White) and Yahwehism (Demiurge worship), and likewise to argue against the position of Aryanity that the Adamites were NOT white Aryans, and that Yahweh is simply a generic term for the archetypal Moloch/Ba’al:

Claim 1: “Adam” means red, which is stretched by CI proponents to concluded that it must be an ethnological term meaning “to blush”. (white people):

Retort 1: Aryanity argues that it IS an ethnological term but in the opposite direction. The word “Adam” may have come to mean “red” but the etymology of the word Adam comes from the Hebrew word “Adamah” which means “from the ground”, this word in turn comes from the Sumerian “Adamu” which means literally “mud people”. In Arabic the word Adam means literally “made from mud”. The red aspect may be in association with the “red clay” that was dug out of the canals of Ur. To this day red clay is used as a hair product for black tribes in Africa, and is not actually “red” but matches their skin tone which in the light is brown with a reddish tint. 

Claim 2: If the adamites were black (mixed) all of the genealogy has to be about the black race, from Noah to Moses all the way down. 

Retort 2: Not so, the story of the Adamites is a highly distorted and redacted version of the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. In the Epic, Noah (Utnapishtim) was a divine king. In Sumeria the ruling class were all white Aryans (many depictions prove this) and were worshiped as “gods”, by the lesser Adamites (Sumerian slave race, and ancestors of “Semites”), this slave race was recorded as being “created” by the god race the Anunnaki (called the Elohim in Genesis) by being birthed from mud and the birth goddess, which Aryanity argues is an ancient case of race mixing to create a hybrid slave race (Mulatto/Neanderthal) that was smart enough to work the canals (garden of Eden). These Anunnaki were not aliens as the Ancient Alien crowd surmises, but Ancient Aryans.

Claim 3: YHWH means “I am that I am”. Not “Lord”. 

Retort 3: Not so, the second tract of the Bible (starting with Exodus) never says Yahweh translates as “I am that I am”. This is simply the title of the god of Moses (Thutmosis III), which Aryanity argues was actually Amen, the sun God, which was later redacted to appear as if it was the same god worshiped by the Jews who they started to call “Yahweh” AFTER Babylon. Proof that Yahweh means “lord” is in the term “Adonai” (Lord) which is used as a substitute for Yahweh due to the taboo of speaking Yahweh aloud. Lord is the title of Moloch/Ba’al because he is the lord of this world, ie the Demiurge. In Genesis you have three words falsely conflated to mean “god”; Elohim (plural, ie “gods”), Yahweh (Lord, also used as a title for the serpent), and Yahweh Elohim (Lord of the gods). The fact that Elohim is plural and not singular is proven in the creation story with the verse “WE have created…in OUR likeness”. And later in Exodus when the gods of Egypt are referred to as the “Elohim” of Egypt. 

The biblical story of Genesis is simply a distorted retelling of a retelling, of ancient accounts of invading Aryans who conquered Sumer and subjugated the indigenous negrito population, the byproduct of which became what we now call modern “Semites”. This Sumerian slave race became the Hyksos (reddish brown skin, kinky hair, beards) who are the ancestors of all modern “Semites”. Yet the ruling class of both Sumer and Egypt were white Aryans, routinely deified and worshiped as gods incarnate. The biblical story is NOT a uncorrupted linear progression of one race or one god, unfortunately for CI proponents (and “Black Israelites” as well) it is much more complex. When the biblical texts are dissected using the perennial Gnostic methodology of Aryanity it becomes clear that these texts represent many phases of history, many religions, and many peoples. Some White Aryan, some Black (Cushites/Nubians), and some mixed (Judahites/Edomites i.e. Jews)

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